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Crash Space

Crash Space

Crash Space

Type: Resource: Location
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
2 [Recurring Credits]
Use these credits to pay for removing tags.
[Trash]: Prevent up to 3 meat damage.
Set: Core Number: 030 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Tim Durning
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Still quite good in credit denial decks, and the trash effect remains relevant against not only Sea-Scorch, but also Punitive Counterstrike and other non-tag meat damage (and really more so there).


Paired with Decoy and some recursion, and this should make a comeback with Data & Destiny.

I have always liked this as an alternative to Plascrete (you know, I so much hate cards that every snigle player plays/must play due to "creative" meta) but this has the critical weakness of being a Resource and Data and Destiny itself will bring the All Seeing I. So, including some Investigative Journalism might do you good, otherwise we are heading for a car crash in this space (***  Bad pun detected, deletion protocol initiated... ***).

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"The All Seeing I" is why I would absolutely pair this with Decoy and recursion . . . maybe even go so far as New Angeles City Hall, if it comes to it. (I really hate NACH, but there it is).


Forger might also see a bit of an upsurge. You'd want to avoid tags on the Corp's turn and clear them cheaply on the Runner's. Crash Space gives you the Runner's side of it (so is good for click-3 Corp-turn tags and Click 1-3 tags on the Runner's turn).


Otherwise, you have to give up on Resources forever ("The All Seeing I" splashes for 1), so Magnum Opus will simply be present in every deck.


We can fight "The All Seeing I" or we can throw all our Resources into the waste-bin. Crash Space preserves your self-trashing tag-avoidance cards during the Runner's turn, keeping them for the Corp's turn, when you really need them. If you have the click to clear a tag, then Crash Space gives you the money, no matter what.

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