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Priority Requisition

Priority Requisition

Priority Requisition

Type: Agenda: Security
Advancement Cost: 5
Faction: Corp Neutral
When you score Priority Requisition, you may rez a piece of ice ignoring all costs.
Agenda Points: 3
Set: Core Number: 106 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Gong Studios
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How is this handled together with the "You may pay X to place X power counters" on Draco?
It shouldn't really work I would assume as that "pay X" is not a part of the cost, but rather an effect triggered by rezzing it.
You assume correctly - placing power counters on Draco isn't an additional cost to rez it, it is an ability that triggers when Draco is rezzed.
Can I rez Archer with this without forfeiting an agenda?
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Can I rez Archer with this without forfeiting an agenda?

Yes. Forfeiting an agenda for Archer is considered an additional cost.
Pretty sad that this is still the best 5/3 in the game. I guess you could make a case for Government Contracts, but it would be close and would depend on the deck. In general, I think this is better.
I think you're being a bit unfair calling this the best in the game as it's neutral. As you said, some other 5/3s have their place but are obviously tied down by faction.

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