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Shipment from Kaguya

Shipment from Kaguya

Shipment from Kaguya

Type: Operation
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 1
Place 1 advancement token on each of up to 2 different installed cards that can be advanced.
Set: Core Number: 100 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Andrew Mar
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I don't know who rated this card only 3 stars, but he must be insane or completely unfamiliar with the game.
This card saves you 1 click and two credits. Compare this to Biotic Labor that saves you 1 click for 4 credits B) All you need is two cards that can be advanced, which isn't very difficult to get, considering agendas, Project Junebug, Ghost Branch and ice that can be advanced. My rate is 5 stars.
Play first, comment later. ;)
It is efficient, but the problem is this card does a very specific thing and this thing is rarely useful enough to use a card that does it a bit more efficiently.

Biotic Labour enables you to score difficulty 3 agenda from hand without any servers. Or difficulty 4 without signaling it to runner with advancement counter. The main function is sneaking agendas under runners radar. And getting this one click faster is crucial. (the cost is big, 4 credits, but it still is often worth it)

Here you need to do a specific thing and it can be done in a "normal" way without much difference. There are some tricky plays like double shipment and trick of light to get 4 advancements, but instead of those 3 cards you could use Biotic and some money. (or one just click-advance and use trick of light)

But if you're doing much advancing on multiple fronts and need some way to get it done cheaper it might be a good choice. The problem is you have agendas, you need ICE, you want some assets/operations and Shipment is often less important than other options.
Agree with Ector - this card is one of the more highly efficient economy cards. Worthy of at least four stars, probably five.
Now with Efficiency Committee this card will see more play...

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