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Clone Chip

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Clone Chip

Clone Chip

Type: Hardware: Chip
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 2
[Trash]: Install a program from your heap (paying the install cost).
Set: Creation and Control Number: 038 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Christina Davis
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My brain!
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you can view this as a roundabout way to temporarily increase your hand size, that will also help bail you out if the Corp trashes an important card via damage.

i can't see this seeing much play outside of Exile: Streethawk though

[Edit: Also great with Parasite, as mentioned below. Also great with Faerie. And SMC. Great with any kind of disposable program. Basically I'm an idiot.]

i can't see this seeing much play outside of Exile: Streethawk though

I dunno, you invest the click ahead of time, and is a pretty easy and economical way to retrieve a trashed program from your heap. It'll be good in an aggressively running Shaper deck, which I think is a new archetype that C&C is enabling.
I think one of the main things is that it breaks the normal timing, allowing you to pull cards out even during a run, mean another way of doing stimhack shenanigans. Ditto with self replicating code if I read it right.
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Dudes, think red. This is a way to install Parasite mid-run without the hassle of a Personal Workshop :)

(and a re-used Parasite at that, what could possibly be sweeter)
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I view this as a Personal Workshop that doesn't die to tags. Sure, it doesn't reduce costs over time the way PW does, but it also doesn't use up a click putting the programs on it; you just over-draw then drop them all in your Archives, where they're safe (because "Midseason Replacements, trash your Workshop" was getting old). Use with Replicator so you know you'll have enough of them. So good.
This card is AMAZING
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Can you install this and use its ability in single click ? I.e Install, trash immediately to pull a card from the heap and install ?

In other words just pay one credit (and a click) to install a card from your heap.
May 23 2014 06:45 PM

Effective Feb.1, 2016:


The NAPD Most Wanted List is a list of Android: Netrunner cards with additional deck-building restrictions. Players must adhere to the NAPD Most Wanted List for all Fantasy Flight Games tournament play.


Each copy of this card reduces an Identity’s influence limit by 1 when included in a deck. An Identity’s printed influence limit cannot be reduced below 1. This reduction occurs even if the card matches the Identity’s faction.



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