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Type: Program: Icebreaker - Killer
Cost: 3 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 2
1 [Credits]: Break sentry subroutine.
1 [Credits]: +5 strength. Use this ability only by spending a credit from a stealth card.
Strength: 0
Set: Creation and Control Number: 042 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Adam S Doyle
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Jul 24 2013 03:18 PM
Aha! 'Cloak & Dagger'! I get it... :blink:
And I would use that exactly when?
So instead of using 'Gordian blade' i search now for two programs... that sounds good!
Think of this as a cheaper Ninja that you need two cards for. Dunno, I might give it a shot, especially with the new program search you get through Self-Modifying Code...
    • Ligaze likes this
There is potential using tutors and a personal touch to break archer for 4 credits! Of course it might have too many pieces...
Combos that involve 3 cards are usually not that good.
However, this might be a nice addition to a deck, if it isn't your only way to break sentries. Just use whatever other killer you have in your deck and replace it with this when you got the required set up on the table. Will be interesting to see, if I can free up the deck space, but I'm eager to try this out. When it's established, it is easily the best killer out there.
Remember that FFG anounced that we'll be getting "Stealth Chips" in the Spin Cycle.
Dagger will be good soon. (or won't :P )
    • Zetan likes this
Early mimic and this later has potential, though honestly with all of the tutors I believe it shouldn't be too difficult and you won't even need the personal touch until there is a threat of archer. Cloak is something you want out early anyway.
this will be excellent along with Cloak in a tutor heavy deck, and between Test Run and Self-Modifying Code, shape has more than enough tutor power to establish this combination extremely quickly. just ridiculously efficient, especially since with a second Cloak out it can easily take on any sentry in the game. decks too reliant on Janus or Archer and especially Ichi 2.0 will be owned by Cloak and Dagger decks.
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With just the two cards Cloak and Dagger, I don't think we can do much with it yet. But with the stealth chips Hraklea mentioned in Spin cycle, and a few other stealth cards, we might have a nice new breaker set to play with soon.
Plus it will be easy to get them both out if you have a test run in your hand.
Problem is, the strength is only there on the first ice. It doesn't say "+5 strength until the end of the run." My NBN deck stacks sentries together. I'm not worried about dagger getting too far into a server.
We gotta wait for more stealth cards. Just like we had to wait for awesome bioroid ice for stronger together decks
Anarchs = Chess, Shapers = Stealth, Criminals = ...? Events.

Going to be better later on for sure.
I've been playing with this and a couple of Cloaks and it doesn't suck.
I still think this card is awesome and I've been playing with it since it has come out.

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