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Director Haas

Director Haas

Director Haas

Type: Asset: Executive
Cost: 3
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 5
You have 1 additional [Click] to spend each turn.
If Director Haas is trashed while being accessed, add her to the Runner's score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points.
Set: Creation and Control Number: 010 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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Kinda like a SanSan, letting you score a 3-advance Agenda from HQ in one turn, but more versatile because you get an actual 4th click to use for whatever you want.

But if the runner steals it they get 2 agenda points? Hmm ... hard to justify :/
i think she is meant as an early game card, before the Runner can set up and the 5 trash cost is going to mean trouble.

she is better than San San mostly because she is easier to deploy early, but you're going to want to overwrite her with a different asset after scoring a couple of Agendas.
The problem is runner scoring her from RnD/HQ. 5 trash cost might make it viable in a fast eck, but if game is relatively slow runner can get this 5 cash without much problems, and having additional agendas only for runner is so big a drawback. I really wonder how it'll play.
If you add three copies of Encryption Protocol to your deck then there is a decent chance that the trash cost will be 6 or 7 once installed. At that point it is not a disaster if the runner trashes her for the two agenda points. The main disaster is if they manage to do this for free using Imp or something like that.

She seems pretty playable to me. Sure, you are likely to lose her at some point, but if you managed to get one additional agenda scored with the extra click it works out okay.
On a seperate note, the thing I love most about this card is that it gives some more character to the Corp, instead of it being just a bunch of faceless men. Cool to have a couple more Corp characters coming through, especially a high level one like this.
Director Haas: improving Scrubber since 2013 :P
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I'm really ambivalent to this card.

What makes it hard is to find a way to trash her. When she is trashed you will loose the extra click, so you can't trashing her by installing an agenda, then advancing it three times. That actually will make trashing her on your own more difficult.
I really like this card, another way for HB to stack up more clicks, this will need to be guarded, I'd probably drop awakening centre in with this to keep the runner guessing as to what they will have to go through to get this card.
Feb 21 2014 09:08 PM
Definitely best early game, maybe okay for some mid-game situations. If you're running a slower ("ICEberg") deck, this can give you an extra click until you score a Mandatory Upgrades or two, then overwrite it for a smaller agenda, possibly for the win.

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