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Exile: Streethawk

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Exile: Streethawk

Exile: Streethawk

Type: Identity: Natural
Base Link: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Whenever you install a program from your heap, draw 1 card.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: Creation and Control Number: 030 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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No decks currently use this card.
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the cards that let you install from your heap are Clone Chip, Retrieval Run and Scavenge

not a big fan of Clone Chip and Scavenge, but Retrieval Run is pretty great. perhaps this ID will get better over time, and the flavor of a Dumpster Diving Shaper is terrific, but i'm just not seeing its greatness when compared to Kate, who also gives free link.
The best I can come up with at the moment is that this guy can be really aggressive, running a lot of Run Events and cheap programs, he just won't really care if you trash his programs or do non-lethal net/meat damage to him.

But his reliance on cards in deck to do the recursion does bring us back to the question of whether that deck would be better just by using Kate.

the cards that let you install from your heap are Clone Chip, Retrieval Run and Scavenge

Don't forget that Test Run can also pull from the Heap if desired.

I'm not sure either whether his ability will be a good one, though I have made a deck to try out ^_^
@striatic - You forgot that Test Run can let you install a program from your heap. But I do agree that it still needs 1 or 2 more ways to install programs from your heap to make Exile really good.
I'm sure there is a silly deck to make with this guy, Pawn and Deep Red. You trash Pawns to reinstall themselves and be immediately hosting, which ensures you a steady stream of cards for each run.
All of {Retrieval Run, Scavenge, Test Run} is incredibly good with Femme (to the point where it stands on its own just fine). So, having a dude that gives you a bonus card draw whenever you pull one of these off isn't that bad - if you notice, the only one of these that Kate's discount works with is Scavenge (unless you're swapping Femmes *dirty thoughts*)... so if you're planning to do a lot of this, Exile might actually be a better choice for you than Kate.

Coupled with programs that trash to use (Deus X, Fairie, Self-Modifying Code, Crescentus etc), you can build a pretty solid setup. I'm already running something similar with Kate (what can I say, Jinteki got real popular in our meta and this sort of build is just famous and countering those red bastards), and it works reasonably well. Exile will only improve it, I suspect.
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned how good Clone Chip is. It turns your Heap into a Personal Workshop that doesn't care about tags, for all the reasons Personal Workshop was good. I mean, the one credit per turn on Personal Workshop was nice, but that's not why we played it. We played it because you could grab a boatload of money, start a run, then find out mid-run which Icebreakers you actually need. You could also play Stimhack, using the credits from it to grab things off your PW.

With a couple of Clone Chips, a bit of money (or Stimhack) and a Heap full of programs, you can run wherever you want, knowing you can pull out whatever parts of your rig you need as you need them. Run some card-draw (Quality Time, Diesel, etc) and Freelance Coding Contracts (best card in the new set, IMO) and you'll get that "rig" up fast. A lot faster than Personal Workshop (which takes a click for each card you want to put on it).
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I can't believe nobody has mentioned how good Clone Chip is. It turns your Heap into a Personal Workshop that doesn't care about tags, for all the reasons Personal Workshop was good.

Yeah, I totally didn't even notice that Clone Chip could be played mid-run. I was already going to run an Exile deck, now I'm gonna run it hard! Thanks for the pointer!
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Dec 06 2014 09:02 AM
I've put the Cerberus breakers in, and Aesop's. When the tokens are all used, sell them to Aesop and then get email back with Clone Chip etc.

Poor Exile, lately (if ever) he has received no love, but on the contrary, he was Blacklisted. It is a shame, for his potential in recycling could have been quite fascinating for the deckbuilding. It is also remarkably difficult to design a card that will help him become viable without giving absurd power to Shaper recursion.


However, after a lot of futile attempts, I might have something (although horribly worded) that could help this poor fellow see the daylight amidst his favorite dumpster:


*(unique)Waste Analyzer

Program - Shaper

Cost: 3 Credits

Faction Cost: 5 influence
MU: 1

Whenever you draw at least one card during your turn without spending clicks or trigger an Event/Resource effect, place 1 power counter on this card.
Click, 2 Hosted power counters: Install 1 non-Virus Program or Hardware from your heap, reducing the install cost by the amount of power counters on Waste Analyzer.


Honestly, now that I see it written, it might be a little clunky. Yet this guy deserves a better treatment and something like this should improve him a bit. Also, at 5 influence it should stay in faction so that Clone Chip recycling won't hurt that much and will help Exile trigger his ability more often and give him a bit more style.

Poor, poor Exile. I wrote before how bad recent releases got to him, but the NAPD list just exiled him for good (not even funny).

Given that his ability was subpar to almost any other out there, now he is effectively 12 influence as I simply can't imagine an Exile deck without a triple Clone Chip, and if you attempt to go for those Parasites, it is over. Almost literally.


I know that card suggestions are not that adequate, but if our Shaper junkster here doesn't recieve something pronto, he will be a box divider. My last attempt was really selfish (a single card designed for Exile alone) so now I wil try to be more "generous". Note that I do not pretend to have found the promised land, for the idea has long been around in the card games, but got extra love recently in Lord of the Rings LCG.


Here is the idea:


Network Sentience

Type: Program
Cost: 2

Memory cost: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 5

This card can only be installed from your heap.

Click: Install Network Sentience from your heap (paying the install cost).

The first time this turn you draw at least one card through a card effect, draw 1 additional card.


There, it is simple, clean, and should work best with Exile but can also be used with Wyldside or Drug dealer out of faction. Note how this card gives Exile and only him 2 card draws the moment he installs it, and 1 more each time he installs another copy for a total of 9 cards/6 credits only for him, and additional 10 to 15 cards via Clone Chips and Scavenging.


This idea can easily expand to other factions as well. Here is a simple Criminal Event:


Hard Choices (0 credits, 2 influence):

You can play Hard Choices only from your Heap.

Click: Either the Corporation player gives you 2 credits, or you gain 5 credits. Put Hard Choices at the bottom of your Stack instead of trashing it.


Anarchs can get some sort of unique Asset/Upgrade hate hardware (costs 4) that installs from the Heap and hosts on a card in a server, and when the Corporation turn begins they must trash the top card of RnD or something like that. Don't want to spam more, so this is it. I hope something like this happens soon. Save Exile, save the planet!

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