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Haas Arcology AI

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Haas Arcology AI

Haas Arcology AI

Type: Asset
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 4
Haas Arcology AI can be advanced only while unrezzed.
[Click], hosted advancement token: Gain [Click] [Click], Use this ability only once per turn.
Set: Creation and Control Number: 011 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Aaron Firem
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A very strong alternative to SanSan City Grid for HB fast advance decks, and in faction. Put this in your super-server double-advanced, and then you get to score a 3/2 agenda out of hand for the next two turns, or the runner breaks all the way in only to deny that without even scoring any Agenda points. (Then you just score the 3-advance agenda in the super server as the runner is now broke). Win-win.
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Runner has to guess whether or not this is one of the two great HB Ambushes. Makes advancing your ice much less risky.

it is sort of like a cheaper Biotic Labor that you have to protect for a turn to use.

i can see a low risk Corp strategy where you heavily ice up HQ and R&D only, collect enough money to Biotic Labor fast advance x3 3/2 agendas, then to score your winning agenda you can use Arcologies to venture outside your castle risk free, with just enough ice on a single remote to get it through one turn.
This makes Jinteki/HB trap deck more viable. With trick of light( I think shipment from kaguya works too), this card is just freaking awesome as long as you can protect it.
Risk free place behind your remote to score 3 advance agendas from your hand.



One game I used trick of light to shift 2 counters off of this onto the agenda,


and used the other counter I had on it for the click I needed to score.

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