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Type: Program: Icebreaker - Fracter
Cost: 0 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 1
1 [Credits]: Break barrier subroutine.
2 [Credits]: +1 strength for the remainder of this run.
Strength: 1
Set: Creation and Control Number: 048 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Adam S Doyle
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Zero install cost is nice, but 2 credit per +1str is rough with 3-strength staples like Wall of Static around.

Possibly good in a deck that already uses Escher, that can line all the barriers up for efficient breaking? Hard to imagine a good deck for this...
Good for pawnshopping, can be used early or with str red, but with Wall of static and new 4 str barrier in this pack it's use is limited. Especially as Corroder is insanely good and in faction Battering ram is not bad either.

In Freelance Coding Contract + Draw mill this one sound ok - you want to trash it anyway, but you might play it for 0, especially if you see early Wall of static.
Jul 24 2013 10:39 PM
Why? Shaper have Battering Ram and Snowball which are both better and Corroder is better for every other faction
I like how FFG made C&C a standalone deluxe expansion. That is why we got a suite of Icebreakers in this box. And I understand that they all cannot be rockstars.
as noted above, it is good as Aesop's Pawnshop fuel but little else.
ogseamus: A really weird move by FFG - supposedly a standalone expansion, but no tokens or rulebook are provided so not really practical. (And I doubt the decks built from this alone would be competitive against core game decks).
I know people are shiting on this card, but I do like the fact that it efficiently breaks Ice Wall in the early game. Battering Ram is horribly inefficient for this little piece of ice, so it's at least conceivable that this might get a run sometimes.
Unless you are paying against wetland and have eschered all the barriers in a row I can't see much use for it, it is just too expensive and snowball beats it hands down!
I love this card so much.

I love this card so much.

Really? Care to explain?

Really? Care to explain?

Not sure how good it might be circa 2013, but nowadays it could be useful in some sort of Overmind-focused deck. Can't speak to the competitiveness of this sort of deck but Inti would protect against Wraparound.

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1. It's a great little compliment to other ways to get in, like AI breakers.


2. While Corroder is better in many (in my testing, Corroder is better than Inti about half the time) situations, Corroder costs two influence. (I would not use Inti in Anarch.)


3. Even if Battering Ram didn't cost two mu, it's cumbersome with the "two to break two"-restriction when facing barriers with an odd number of routines, especially with one routine.

And Snowball is almost never on par with Corroder.


It depends on two things: first, how often/seldom do you actually need/use your fracter? If you're only gonna pump it once or twice during the entire game, maybe Inti was a better value overall.

Second, if there are barriers in a row, Inti can become a good deal. Two Bastion in a row? Inti breaks them it for eight. Crypsis breaks them for eight, plus two virus counters.


Finally, as a bonus, breakers that are cheap to install but expensive to use are synergistic with cards that give you "during a run" credits like Profiteering and Stimhack.


It's not the best fracter in the world but it's just a very cozy little card that can drop into your rig, let you in for a couple of accesses for a while, and that's ok.

Good with Datasuckers and Personal Touches also.

Today, I played Inti, Tinkering, Stimhack and broke through a Lotus Field with three 0-credit cards. Seems like desperate measures but sometimes it's got to be done.

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I use a Wotan playmat.

I've never ran that ice in any of my own decks, but during the tournament where I won that mat, one of my corp opponents installed an ice that I suspected was Wotan (I guess I had seen it on some central access). I had nothing installed. I installed an Inti for zero, ran wotan, payed two clicks, one credit, trashed my Inti, and took a brain damage. Got an agenda that put me on match point and a couple of turns later, I won that game. So both Wotan and Inti are very nostalgic cards for me now. Inti "broke" that Wotan in the way that any cheap, disposable trash program could've done. But it got the job done.


Most of the time I use Inti to break paper walls, ice walls, wraparounds etc or just as emergency breakers, spending like eleven or twelve credits to break a big barrier once (if it gets me the last couple of points I need to win, it's worth it). The 0 install cost makes it a good deal for when you only need a fracter once during the whole game.

It's not a card I keep in my deck always, it's meta dependent, but it's been great to me.

I play Shaper and again, I'm not advocating for Anarchs to run it, they have Corroder in faction.



My killer is Pipeline.

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Apr 09 2015 04:15 PM

Good as a 1 of in a deck primarily relying on an AI breaker in a meta where Wraparound sees play. I've used it in that fashion in a few iterations of Atman decks and an Overmind deck.

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After two years of Inti, I switched it out for Cerberus "Lady" H1.

I ran a lot of tests vs a "random ice stack" generator and Lady was much more efficient in those tests.


So far, in every single game I've played since I made the switch (ten or so), Inti would have been much better, because I've been playing against weenie barriers.


I've only actually needed to use a fracter once, and that was against an Ice Wall. I've needed to install the fracter a couple of times more, to discourage rezzes of installed, unrezzed Ice Walls and to encourage spending advancements on Changelings -- only the latter Lady did better than Inti.


I'm going to keep testing. I used to run two Intis, now two Lady, maybe one of each is best or maybe Lady will pay off in the end.

But so far -- on paper, Lady was better. In actual games, Inti was better.



Inti would've been better than Corroder in those same games also.

My mom used to say: It's not about good cards, it's about cards that fit well together.


Inti is synergic with Stimhack, Tinkering, AI breakers, Kit's ID ability, Datasucker, cards that need cheap programs (Aesops/Wotan), Dinosaurus/Personal Touch, LLDS Processor.


Inti is dysergic with Personal Workshop, Modded, Kate's ID ability, Code Siphon, Sahasrara, MacroDrive.


To add to her adage, NR (more so than Magic/V:tES) is also very much about meta and matchups. Inti is strong against 1 and 0 strength barriers -- of which there are plenty -- and weak against like Bastions and Elis. But it CAN get through them, it's not a fixed-strength breaker.

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