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Successful Demonstration

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Successful Demonstration

Successful Demonstration

Type: Operation: Transaction
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 1
Play only if the Runner made an unsuccessful run during his or her last turn.
Gain 7 [Credits].
Set: Creation and Control Number: 014 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Irys Ching
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Very easy to pull off early game if your deck is packing EtR ice, for more money in one click than anything else in the game so far.

Great for Jinteki RP as the runner-aborted runs on central servers (so they can run a remote) count as unsuccessful runs to trigger this.
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Hugely strong card. Great to see.
Another 1 influence transaction. Weyland approves.
Feb 14 2015 06:29 PM

I like this card. Seems easy enough to pull off, unless your deck isn't built with cheap ETR ICE, or the Runner doesn't run aggressively (which is fine with me).

What does ETR mean?

Feb 14 2015 11:11 PM

End the run

Ok, I got it now, thanks. I think this card could be fine for the first Weyland identity. I just built a deck with that identity and four different cards to improve my economy (hedge fund, restructure, royalties and successful demonstration).

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