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24/7 News Cycle

24/7 News Cycle

24/7 News Cycle

Type: Operation
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 3
As an additional cost to play 24/7 News Cycle, forfeit an agenda.
Resolve the “when scored” ability on an agenda in your score area.

The only thing worse than bad news...
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 19 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Thomas Williams
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Aug 11 2015 05:06 PM

I don't like this card. It's far too situational and inconvenient to work around.

If I am correct, to play this you need at least 2 scored agendas - you forfeit one to trigger the effect on the remaining. This alone makes this card not worth the time - sack hostile takeover to trigger Profiteering a second time?


Still, there is a combo for you to try - run Viktor 2.0 in Weyland with Hostile Takeover and Helium-3 Deposit. You should be able to trigger Viktor's subroutines easily as he will not be expected - get that power counter. Now, score your Helium-3, add 2 power counters (this is the tough part alright). Then proceed to score some small agenda like Hostile Takeover from hand (more manageable) and finally, play 24/7 News Cycle. Boom, trigger Helium-3 a second time, get 5 power counters, fry the Runner's brain. If you succeed, please send a log of the game to FFG and they should give you a badge.

Aug 12 2015 09:05 AM

Bad card; best to avoid. Only suitable for Janky Johnny shenanigans.

Aug 13 2015 11:19 PM

Maybe in conjunction with Accelerated Diagnostics? ("Ignore any additional costs")

one star?  you can forfeit Breaking News after scoring it off a SanSan to gain another Astroscript token from your previously-scored APP and remove the 'When the turn on which you scored Breaking News ends, the Runner loses 2 tags.' text, giving the runner 2 permanent tags.


you can also forfeit any other agenda and give the runner 2 tags from your scored Breaking News that won't go away at the end of the turn.  the fact that they stick around probably won't matter anyway, as you'll still have two clicks left to crash the runner's car with a Traffic Accident and blow up their apartment with Scorched Earth


this card is insanely good.  sure, it's situational, but it's not a johnny card by any means.

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It's a hefty influence dip, but I can see this working with some success in a jinteki flatline deck. You could recharge a House of Knives, fire off an early-scored Philotic in the late game, or even work with an Unorthodox Predictions or Nisei Mk II if you needed to be more defensive for a turn or two.


Combined with tricky-to-steal agendas like The Future Perfect & Fetal AI as food for this, you wouldn't be winning by agenda points once you used this, for sure, but it could be a useful one-of for breaking out of stalemate situations & winning the game by damage instead.

I have been scorched to death too many times by this card to give it anything less than five star. You don't expect to die when you havent even run last turn! Especially if you have the money advantage...

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Does this work with Posted Bounty? The syntax on that card is slightly different, but it seems like it would.

I have been scorched to death too many times by this card to give it anything less than five star. You don't expect to die when you havent even run last turn! Especially if you have the money advantage...


Yep, turns out that stopping the corp scoring breaking news is hard.  And 24/7 to trigger breaking news, scorch, traffic accident is a pretty easy flatline for 4 credits.  Runner doesn't need to run, there's no trace.  It almost seems unfair.

NACH, guys.


Even better with Film Critic.


You should be able to get that on the table even before a fast-advance Corp gets the above-mentioned materials going.

Funny how once an underrated expensive card (NACH, I am looking at you) became a silver bullet for a currently rather strong deck archetype. What bothers me though is that Breaking News AND 24/7 are core/deluxe pieces, while NACH will be rotating out so soon that it is not even funny, and eventually body armor and even the critics will be silenced... Fear the Scorch!

Dec 16 2015 01:03 PM

what's Nach?

Dec 16 2015 09:26 PM

New Angeles City Hall.

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