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Employee Strike

Employee Strike

Employee Strike

Type: Event: Current
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 1
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.
The Corp’s identity text box is blank.

Are you crazy? We cant send in prisec until the media gets bored and goes home.
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 53 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Dmitry Prosvirnin
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That's a whole lot better than making the Runner's text box blank, especially for a big turn or two. It blows up builds and strategies for 1 credit.


Well-timed, this can win the game. The Corp must have Current Events to play or risk a really bad day.


This is easily the most generally applicable and effective Runner current. It won't matter to a few corp identities (GRNDL; Custom Biotics, etc.).

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Aug 12 2015 05:49 PM

Blue Sun, RP, and IG truly hate it. Any corp with a "build your deck strategy around it" identity ability goes into sad panda mode when this hits the board. Corps with more "nice when it happens" abilities don't care as much, but are still slowed down a bit.


Good card.

If CI wasn't a goner before this expansion, it surely is now. You have 20 cards in your hand? Boom, your hand size is now 5. 

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