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Endless Hunger

Endless Hunger

Endless Hunger

Type: Program: Icebreaker
Cost: 0 Memory Units: 4
Faction: Runner Apex
Faction Cost: 2
Trash an installed card: Break “ [Subroutine] End the run.” subroutine.
Ive been monitoring the anomalys activity across the New Angeles Pacifica and Andea trunk lines and associated nodes. I have yet to detect a predictable pattern or even to formulate a theory as to the anomalys nature. -Joso Greene, SYNC Analyst
Strength: 11
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 33 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Hannah Christenson
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4 MU, but obviously works well the whole Apex "install face down" jank.


Not an AI, but works against any End-the-Run sub.


Looks "cheap," but it's not. That's a lot of clicks, a lot of cards, etc. Obviously a "build-around" card. Wants big draw, multi-install, and cheap cards to eat.


EDIT: Harbinger . . . uh oh.

I am more concerned about e3 Feedback Implants, for they seem to work just fine with this one. And with Apex ability, just for 1-2 credits per turn one ice is practically non-existent.


EDIT: Again, I will correct myself. It just breaks ETRs, but not all the Tracex - ETR new ice out there. Apex fears being traced.

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Aug 12 2015 11:09 AM

Uh... that's a good point. E3 certainly makes this dangerous.

Aug 12 2015 04:59 PM

I'll be giving my thoughts on the Apex cards all at once on Apex himself, later today or tomorrow. 


But I think this card deserves special mention as a great card design. It is a great example of what an ultra-specialized card can look like. It does one thing, with a stiff opportunity cost (4 MU) and at a high alternative cost to use (trash an installed card), but it is free to install and has plenty of potency (11 str) to be confident of success at the thing it is supposed to be good at.


I also like the game design philosophy behind targeting EtR's specifically. This card says "I don't care about getting messed up on the way in so long as I get in". Plowing through all the various forms of impediments other than EtR in the process (net damage, brain damage, tags, etc) is a big obvious risk, but that presents a deck building challenge and rewards risk management / high player skill.


Great card. I might never play it, but I love that even this far into the development cycle of Netrunner, the team at FFG is still able to find design space to turn out innovative, clever cards like this that take the game in interesting directions.

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Sep 08 2015 01:29 PM
This plus Dinosaurus= win.

That is an idea indeed but that is an additional card and Endless Hunger already eats away your cards almost like Faust. Give it a try and share how it went.

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