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Type: Hardware: Console
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Apex
Faction Cost: 3
+ [1 MU]
Trash an installed card: Prevent 1 damage.
Limit 1
console per player.
Meantime the hellish tattoo of the heart increased. It grew quicker and quicker, and louder and louder every instant. -Edgar Allan Poe
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 32 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Thomas Williams
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Apex, Agenda Prowler
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Anyone care to parse this with Harbinger? It looks from here that an awful lot of damage could be prevented, which makes this a monster of a console.


e.g. take x damage; trash and reinstall Harbinger x times to prevent that damage . . . OK, maybe it has to be 3 different copies of Harbinger (I don't know) per instance of damage . . .


Still, Apex is looking pretty terrifying right now (see Endless Hunger and Harbinger).


What am I missing? Is this actually happening?

I think everything is fine. Facedown cards are inactive, Runner has no natural ways of "rezzing" cards, so they stay that way. What are they used for? Card effects that point at "installed cards" or "installed facedown cards". Otherwise they sit there making you look like a rouge corporation.


So, Harbinger is just the physical form of the idea "let's make a card that Apex can use twice for his malevolent purposes. The first time he trashes it, flip it. Now, it can be trashed a second time and then it goes to the heap". Not hard to see that who proposed this was immediately bought a beer or two, it is an amazing design.

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OK. That's better then, and yeah, this is good stuff. I made some assumptions about face down cards for the Runner.


Glad to see there are new ways to mitigate damage, etc., w/o it being over the top.

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