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Launch Campaign

Launch Campaign

Launch Campaign

Type: Asset: Advertisment
Cost: 1
Faction: Corp Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
Place 6 [Credit] from the bank on Launch Campaign when it is rezzed. When there are no credits left on Launch Campaign, trash it.
When your turn begins, take 2 [Credit] from Launch Campaign.
Trash: 2
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 27 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Elisabeth Alba
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Aug 12 2015 09:25 AM

I don't know. Maybe in Spark. Otherwise, it's a card slot, a click to install, $1 to rez to net $5 over 3 turns, and a low trash cost. Generally not worth the card slots.

I like it a lot.


1 to rez, 2 for the runner to trash, tempts them to run (burning a click, potentially dealing with ice though that isn't really necessary) and if they don't you get some pleasant economy. 


There's plenty of times in the early game when I have a leftover click I want to spend on something that isn't a card draw, and plenty of times in the late game where I want to put down a card face-down in my scoring datafort to encourage the runner to go in and expend resources finding something that it doesn't hurt me to lose anyway.


It isn't INCREDIBLE, but in my HB decks I usually run 3xEve and 3xAdam for all manner of tricks and pleasant economy. This is a lesser version of that I can experiment with using in other decks for less influence.

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Sep 24 2015 01:05 AM

Yeah, I get the run bait facet of the card.


However, $2 trash is a strong disincentive for me; making R&D and HQ more porous is a thing I do my best to avoid. 


I mean, it isn't a terribad card, more of a borderline card, and I think it usually is not a good use of card slots. YMMV.

Dec 23 2015 02:39 AM

I really wasnt impressed with this when I saw it, but in Spark it's good. Rez to drain a $ from the runner and, if needed just install over it with money still on - It's not like trashing a half full Eve or Adonis, and the annoyance of rezzing, taking $2-4 off and replacing it with a second one is just funny. A;so it can occupy a scoring server as a decoy, which if it is rezzed will be gone in (at most) 3 turns.

It does have the fairly rare quality in an income-producing asset that it costs less to rez than it delivers from its first payout, so you're never "upside-down" on your investment. But that's not really a lot to get excited about. Junk makes a good point about trashing it half-full.  Since it will never have more than 4 credits sitting on it and you'll never have to wait around to recoup your initial investment, it can make a good ad-hoc income strategy in an empty super-server without having to commit to leaving it there for a lengthy period. But I feel like I'm having to scrape up something nice to say. I tried it briefly in NBN to save influence but defending it was more trouble than the asset was worth for me.


I guess that's the design philosophy of many zero-influence cards. Sure, you could do better, but not without spending influence.

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I will add, though, that this is very much like Daily Casts for a corporation, only with better tempo.

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