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Type: ICE: Barrier - Tracer
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 2
Resistor has +1 strength for each tag the Runner has.
[Subroutine] Trace(4)- If successful, end the run.
In the Olden Times, a resistor was a vital component of practically all electronic equipment. You know, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. -Chaos Theory
Strength: 0
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 15 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Mariusz Siergiejew
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Aug 11 2015 04:40 PM

Meh... it's like Paper Wall, just that it isn't trashed. Pairs well with Midseason Replacements, but that's very situational and you need to give many tags for this to be good.

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Aug 12 2015 08:24 AM

Trace + EtR == two keywords that should not be paired together.


I hardly ever bother with such ice. The main purpose of EtR is to make the runner go get a breaker and install it. If they can just race through it, particularly early game, then that purpose has been defeated.

Aug 12 2015 01:52 PM

While I agree with you, generally speaking, it's a good protection against Apex. Resistor has no "pure" ETR subroutine and therefore cannot be broken by Endless Hunger. At least that's what I suspect - we may need a clarification from FFG if that's really the case or if any subroutine is broken that somehow ends the run.

not a terrible piece of ICE when you consider the cost, but the strength is essentially meaningless without something like Surveillance Sweep to back up the trace. could be good in Sol decks banking on Sweep, but elsewhere, it's just ok. i'd rather just run Wraparound, with or without tagging in my deck.

It's a zero-cost Barrier that encourages a Fracter install.


If a Runner is going to allow the trace and spend 4 credits each time to get through this, the Corp should be very happy.


Forget the strength boost, this is straight taxing ICE, and a good piece at that. The ability to rez ETR ICE when Vamped should never be underestimated.

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i never said it was bad, and i also never said the runner is paying 4 credits each time to get through it lol
but if i'm the runner, i'd gladly pay 4c to steal that agenda the corp was trying to score. i do it all the time with NAPD.

and the comment about the strength boost is that it can be 0 or 20, doesn't matter. but at a certain point, it's cheaper to just pay the trace than break normally (unless, like i said, the corp is using Surveillance Sweep)

i never said it was bad, and i also never said the runner is paying 4 credits each time to get through it lol
but if i'm the runner, i'd gladly pay 4c to steal that agenda the corp was trying to score. i do it all the time with NAPD.


I wasn't actually addressing anyone in particular there, but since you've taken a stance, here you go:


"i'd gladly pay 4c to steal that agenda the corp was trying to score"


The same could be said of any taxing ICE. Taxing ICE isn't really there to protect agendas. If you're seeing that as a Runner, the Corp is doing it wrong. The point is to tax you before you get to the NAPD. If you still have enough cash that that spend doesn't make an impact, you're winning anyway, so the Corp has no worries.


The Runner will happily run through a Pup (or even a Swordsman) or click through an Eli to score an Agenda. Pop-up Window? Useless. Data Raven? So what?


The list can go on, but it doesn't matter. Taxing ICE doesn't protect Agendas; it taxes the Runner, slowing him or her down in some way, which is a good thing, since the Runner will eventually get past any other ETR ICE the Corp puts down.


Like all taxing ICE, I'd use this on Central Servers as part of an overall strategy. If the Runner is top-decking an NAPD early after paying 4 to get through this, (8 total), I actually like my chances, since that NAPD didn't just win the game. What it did do was have a major impact on the Runner's economy (gosh, I hope -- it's early), so why don't we hang out a bit and see where this game ends ;) I'm not trying to win 7-0, expecting no Agendas will be stolen.

I think this is actually a great piece of ice. I would absolutely love to see this in my starting hand. Just slap it in front of R&D, and if the runner breaks the trace that's fine by me. It's even better in Making News, or if you have a Rutherford Grid installed in the server. Imagine you're Making News and you install this on R&D on turn 1. It's immediately useful cause it's gonna end the run unless the runner pays a huge tax. Eventually the runner plays corroder (or another fracter), and then it's not so great, but hey, you forced out a fracter with a $0 barrier, that's a win in my books. Then, you midseason them, suddenly making that fracter useless against it and they're back to paying a huge tax to get through (remember, you're Making News). Then you add on a Rutherford Grid behind it (which costs $0), and increase that tax even further. Seems pretty great to me in that type of deck!

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