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Underworld Contact

Underworld Contact

Underworld Contact

Type: Resource: Connection
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
When your turn begins, gain 1 [Credits] if you have at least 2 [Link].
Set: A Study in Static Number: 069 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Nate Stefan
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Kate just got a little shadier...
Combine this x3 and the cloud breakers (Zu.13 Keymaster and the upcoming 'Creeper' sentry breaker) and you have the basis for a pretty nice high link shaper deck.
This card has replaced Sure Gamble in my Kate deck. It's one of the few economy cards that's not rendered obsolete by Magnum Opus - indeed, the combination of 1-2 of these guys and MO is all the economy you need.

With 1 Link to start and 3xDyson Mem Chip, 2xRabbit Hole, and 2xToolbox in the deck, it's a rare day I don't have enough Link to support them.
@Kestrel: I really hope nobody takes your advice seriously...
To be fair, it's been almost half a year since he wrote it. But yeah, this is pretty much only playable in Andromeda and even there its questionable.
Now also almost playable in Reina...

But it is a questionable include over other cards like Daily Casts.
And now in Stirling! I actually think this has a good home in a Stirling or an Anarch build that is Connections heavy.

And connection heavy Anarch might just be a thing. Depending on future Gray and Black Ops.

Time will tell.

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