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Type: Operation: Transaction
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 1
Choose a piece of ice. Gain 1 [Credits] for each advancement token on that ice.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 058 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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Finally another transaction operation for Weyland.
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With Shutdown advancing ice more might be viable, but still this card depends on advancing your ice much, and i'm not convinced it makes much sense.
(Untill a card that could make woodcutter Parasite proof shows up, then it will rock :P)

Im looking forward to new Weyland ID. I kinda feel like current one is just a balance factor for their ICE (Hadrian, Archer, Economy ice), Agendas and Scorched Earth (only Tag and bag defining so far).

I think they'll get "+2 credits draw card" reprint as a transaction once other corps catch up in economy.
(pure speculation, but i would like them to get it)
I've made a very fun HB deck that relies on this. Massively advance an ice wall, then play these over and over again with archived memories and vitruvius counters :) I've gotten to over 200 credits, which makes a corporate trouble shooter boosted ice a sure fire hit and means that any traces that aren't broken succeed. Also makes Draco unpassable without Femme.
This is strong with Ice Wall. There are quite a few games where you advance the hell out of it to make it super-expensive for the runner to break. This dovetails nicely with that.

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