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Emergency Shutdown

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Emergency Shutdown

Emergency Shutdown

Type: Event: Sabotage
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
Play only if you made a successful run on HQ this turn.
Derez a piece of ice.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 043 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Adam S. Doyle
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Too good.
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Feb 13 2013 08:46 AM
Just another reason for corp to protect HQ against criminals
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Gabe shouldn't be getting cheap access to HQ, and given that you'll only have 2 clicks (at most) to take advantage before the corp can respond I don't think this is anywhere near broken. I'm going to be far more concerned about Inside Job or Stimhack as the corp.
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Excellent card. Play this on Archer and the corp will really feel it.
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I think it might be better to splash into other factions, where the corp isn't as worried about protecting the hq from a criminal whose job it is to run hq
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well, the zero cost makes it quite good. More reasons to play with cheap ices :)
Agreed Criminal will have the toughest time getting to HQ due to Gabe being the only identity but this coupled with a forged activation orders, timed right, becomes 2clicks and 1bit: trashed target ice. Dead tollbooth anyone? Or perhaps Janus, I believe someone mentioned archer as well lol.
Too soon IMO - this card is not that broken, it hurts you only if you relay on hi-cost ice and have no economy.
The problem is corps have bad economy and expensive ice is the only reliable one in current meta...
Criminals are losing their main strength late game so this idea is ok imo.
But 2 influence means everyone can get it... and corps are struggling to get realable ICE that cant be run each turn... if there was more ice to choose from without wasting a ton of influence i wouldnt mind this card, when each fraction has 5-6 in colour ice there are 5 neutral ice im not convinced shutting down few good options is an good idea.
But i think when there will be enough cards for corp this one will still sting but in a manageable way.
(or im wrong and it will get banned, but i think you can make strong defense with more less pricey ICE)
You definitely don't need to rely on heavy ice to build a competitive deck
Archer, while a real pain on subsequent runs, really shines when you first spring it on the Runner. I'd more than happily throw away a second Agenda if the Runner shut it down then ran while being unable to deal with it, thinking I wouldn't rez it again. Trashing two programs, especially in the mid- to late- game is too good pass up.
I have a hard time seeing a runner dumb enough to do that. Once I know it's an archer, If I see that you can rez it and I can't deal with it right now, why would I run it? It has nothing to do with you already having spent an agenda rezzing it.
why would you run it? because an agenda is being advanced and you need to steal it!
You would have to be really stupid to do that. You know there's an archer there. You know that if the corp is capable of rezzing it and that you can't get through it. You just resign yourself to the fact that they're going to score an agenda. Running there accomplishes nothing. Unless the corp is at match point, it doesn't seem like a very good move to me.
Having played a lot against an Exile deck with tons of recursion, and Cresentus thrown in, I have found they are more than happy for Archer to trash their rig, only to come back in one-two turns time and derez the thing. The validity of re-rezzing the Archer would depend almost entirely on how able a runner's deck is to re-establish its rig. If it can then I might tempt the corp to rez just to cost it another agenda.
I completely agree with that. Whether the corp rezzes archer or not has nothing to do with whether it has already been rezzed and de-rezzed, which is what other people in this thread are implying. I'm simply saying that you would have to be a pretty bad runner to think that the corp wouldn't rez archer for a second time.

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