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Personal Workshop

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Personal Workshop

Personal Workshop

Type: Resource: Location
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 4
[Click]: Host a program or piece of hardware from your grip on Personal Workshop and place power counters on it equal to its install cost.
1 [Credits]: Remove 1 power counter from a hosted card.
When your turn begins, remove 1 power counter from a hosted card.
When there are no power counters left on a hosted card, install it, ignoring all costs.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 049 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Fabien Jacques
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This make one of most overpowered cards - Stimhack even more powerful.
The biggest problem I had running Wyldside was affording the cards I drew into. Now, I don't have to.
Can it host several cards at a time?
seems like it.. nothing on the card implies otherwise
You only get to remove 1 power counter at the beginning of your turn, regardless of how many cards are hosted on it. Also if it gets trashed, so does everything hosted on it.
Feb 14 2013 03:14 PM
I think the power of this card will be using it to install cards at any time as a reaction. Imagine having the credits to install femme fatale but instead hosting it on personal workshop. During a run after the corp rezes Janus 1.0 you can then pay the creits, instal femme fatale pay the creds to bypass the ice completelly and move on.

It also effectively generates 1 credit per turn used for installing cards.
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I don't think you can use paid abilities during a run like that.
It's like putting a click in the bank, and saving a bit/cred (i can never remember which it is now) for doing it. Gotta say seems pretty good.
Also I am not positive, but I agree with unhappy yak, it seems to me that paying off something mid run doesn't work. Gotta check rules for that one.
You can use paid ability during runs : how else E3 and Netshield are supposed to work then ? :)
Feb 15 2013 03:10 PM

I don't think you can use paid abilities during a run like that.

You can use paid abilities. Increasing an ice breaker's strength is a paid ability. Only thing you can't do in the middle of a run is spend a click.

The real question for the rule makers is whether or not playing femme fatale in that situation would let you bypass the ice since i think once the ice is rezzed it is immediately considered encountered and therefor you cant use FF's ability to bypass the ice.

I Still think it will be useful for saving credits and only paying for something you need at the time. Like host your icebreakers there early game and only pay for and bring out the ones you need as you encounter ice of that type.
Isn't the corp just going to trash it?
Yeah, I see this card as being very risky to use. For example, NBN can lay down breaking news early on in the game behind a couple of ETR ice before the runner has installed all of their breakers onto workshop, leave it there overnight, advance it twice on their next turn to score it and then trash personal workshop. That could be a devastating play for the runner that could be very hard to stop.
"... install it, ignoring all costs." --> Does that include mu?

"... install it, ignoring all costs." --> Does that include mu?

No. MU is not a cost as you're seeing it. Cost is just what you have to pay to put it into play. MU is a static number that constantly checks the MU allowed by the runner versus installed cards. If the MU used ever exceeds capactiy, they must discard programs until they meet or are below their MU value.
Remember that the Runner can activate Personal Workshop between actions, so will have a chance to install any programs before the Corp gets the opportunity to trash the Workshop. This does require the runner to hold onto some credits, but it still allows you to use the Workshop for discounts/flexibility.
Yes, but it's still a major hindrance. The whole point of Personal Workshop is that you don't have to pay for all of the costs up front. If you have the money to install all of your cards to begin with then it's not doing a whole lot other than giving you a credit per turn. The major reason that it's so good is just that: you don't have to have the money to get your programs out of your hand and start paying them off. It's like if you take out money from the bank to pay for a car and you are slowly paying it off. If the bank suddenly demands all of the money, chances are you're going to be pretty pissed/not have all the money to do so.
Also, getting personal workshop trashed means that you can't do the extremely powerful stimhack-> install everything combo, or the Femme Fatale move where you install it mid-run as soon as you see something you want to bypass.
Feb 19 2013 09:56 AM
SEA Source. That is all.

Go ahead and load your workshop up. I'll wait.
Looking at the timeing rules, it looks like flahsing in a Femme Fatale after the corp rezzes a Janus/Tollbooth should work. The ice isn't considered encounter until both players are done paying for abilities and rezzing cards.

SEA Source. That is all.

Go ahead and load your workshop up. I'll wait.

I'll take the tag then, before you can do anything else, spend all the money I *didn't* waste fighting the Trace to install everything I can off the PW.
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Feb 24 2013 10:47 PM
This cards is odd. If you have a console installed and one hosted on PW what happens when there are no power counters left on the hosted console? You cannot install a console when you already have one installed, and I don't see a rule allowing two to exist or allowing you to trash either.
Feb 28 2013 06:58 AM
Sorry guys can't complain.... dealt with it as a runner and as a corp for years... it's the old shell trader card. Easy to deal with if your running a "Tag&Bag" style deck. Hrm... Anyone know if they brough back 'i got a rock' yet?
If I'm reading this correctly, Kate's ability is wasted on anything installed through Personal Workshop since it's install cost is already 0 by the time all power counters are removed. Kate's ability also doesn't affect anything on Personal Workshop since anything hosted on there is only installed when Power Counters are gone, install cost doesn't come into it.

Seems like this would pair a lot better with Chaos Theory than with Kate (at 4 Influence I don't see this getting splashed a lot either).
Just to make sure I understand the rules, with this card can I pay credits to remove counters without paying clicks? So for example if a hosted program has 3 counters on it, at the beginning of my turn I remove one, can I pay two more credits to get it in play and not spend any additional clicks to do so?
With this you can pay anytime you can use payed ability - you can use it >DURING A RUN< and its the most important thing about this card. When you see scary ICE rezzed in its rez slot you can drop Femme fatale and use it to bypass when you encounter it. When corp gives you a tag you can pay to get stuff off workshop before corps next action that can trash you workshops.

Also Stimhack (core) and badpub's gives you credits for a run, guess what can you do during run - buy stuff off your Workshop (unless FFG rules otherwise, but with no clear ruling against i dont see anything stopping me from doing so)

Not mentioning Noise with loaded parasites dropping Parasites on just rezzed ice :P
(4 influence might discourage him, but its so sweet im not 100% sure)

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