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Type: Program
Cost: 3 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
Once per run, you may expose an unrezzed piece of ice when you approach it. You may then jack out.
Strength: -
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 045 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mashuri
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Good for if you don't have any icebreakers out yet and don't want to take net damage or brain damage or whatever.

Influence cost low enough that it might splash into other factions?
Apr 09 2013 06:39 AM
Repeatable ability to expose unrezzed ice is very powerful. I often find it necessary to make a run without expecting to succeed, but to find out what ice is protecting the server. This can be dangerous if you run into something that trashes programs or deals brain damage. Getting info on the Corps' defenses at no risk is huge. Another great part is that the ability is once per run, instead of turn, meaning you can use multiple runs to expose all ice.

I think it's a great match for Chaos Theory (Shaper) where the memory hit doesn't hurt and you have Test Run to grab whatever ice breaker you need, but need to know what you're up against first.
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I think that the REAL power of this card is in the ability to know the rez cost of the corp's unrezzed ice in Credit Denial decks.
The data it provides is invaluable. If you can tutor for it with Test Run and can spare 2 influence, I'd go for it in shaper.
Personally, I tend to do a lot of ice face-checking in the first turn, just to see what's there and force the corp into bad rez decisions to drain money. Snitch allows me to avoid some brain damage, losing unwanted clicks (if I was expecting Viktor and got an Ichi or when I bounce off an unexpected Enigma with clicks to spare) and see the ice even if they don't want to show it.
All in all, solid card, my Gabe doesn't leave home without it.
Nov 27 2013 08:19 AM
This is great to install on DJinn if you only have 2 datasuckers in your deck.
May 29 2015 06:56 PM

I just thought of this as a good counter to Replicating Perfection.  They love stacking those taxing ICE on centrals, this allows you to not have to deal with it before checking remotes.

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May 29 2015 09:13 PM

I just thought of this as a good counter to Replicating Perfection.  They love stacking those taxing ICE on centrals, this allows you to not have to deal with it before checking remotes.


Snitch is decent against glacier in general, Jinteki particularly, and RP especially. It's a good card for a cautious runner. But, it is overhead, and if you are knowledgeable enough about the card pool and common deck builds it can be an unnecessary safety net. Also waiting around for a snitch before putting pressure on the corps is a big tempo loss. Especially in criminal, where Faerie offers a relatively easy way to run early without fear of sentries. 



Having said that, Snitch does combo well with several other cards, and in a context where you are leveraging its synergy with other cards it can be solid.

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