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Type: Operation
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 1
Choose a server. Arrange the ice protecting that server in any order.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 054 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Adam S. Doyle
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This combos with Bull-Frog!
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Pretty crappy combo if you ask me...
Its kinda good if you hat chum infront of data mine and that card got destroyed or if any other ice got destroyed, so that you could adjust your ice to the best combination. I like it I had often to trash an ice because it became quiet useless cause of its position.
Feb 15 2013 06:18 AM
Can you hide the reordering from the runner, or does the runner know that e.g. the old first ice is now the fourth ice?
I think you need to say which ice goes where, as usually you cant mix installed cards, etc. Maybe this effect is different and allows you to mix unrezzed ICE, but unless FFG confirms it, i'd say it doesn't.

At last, most of jinteki ice needs this card to stop sucking hard - think of all those useless cell portals (late game card that needed to be installed early...), how much better will all chums be, how much better will snowflake become when it is the last card on the server and runner cannot drain you by running it until you let him pass for free. And all those data mines that can now be moved after your chums.

And even without above, moving your latest ice where runner gets after he's payed for all this other ice makes any surprise hurt much more and all rez decisions are much easier for the corp, when it knows exactly the effect of its decision. I'd much prefere having unrezzed Janus as a last ICE. Hitting after runner used his clicks on other bioroids is so much better than as first card, and runner just jacks out if he gets hurt too much. Especialy if the card in server is edge of the world :P (and even if it isn't, would you dare to check it?)
I'm really not sold on this card. If Jinteki needs this card to keep competitive then they're in a lot of trouble. It's completely useless early on, and it only becomes useful if you're being inefficient in the first place. Sure, it makes cards like cell portal less useless, but that's still not saying a lot. Bullfrog is going to be in the same boat when it comes out. I'd much rather Jinteki get more ice like Neural Katana or Wall of Thorns that doesn't require a very specific order on your server to be effective. Ordering your ice like that is just too inefficient, even with this card.
With Caissa program, this card might finally see some play

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