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Midseason Replacements

Midseason Replacements

Midseason Replacements

Type: Operation
Cost: 5
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 4
Play only if the Runner stole an agenda during his or her last turn.
Trace6 - If successful, give the Runner tags equal to the amount by which your trace strength exceeded his or her link strength.
Set: Future Proof Number: 116 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Christina Davis
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I'm not sure this is much better than SEA Source at the moment. The main issue is that the card pool at the moment has only one card - Psychographics - that directly benefits from multiple tags. Given how much more expensive and situational this card is, at least right now SEA Source beats it in most cases (of course, very serious tag-and-bag decks may simply want both).

That will all change as soon as any cards that scale damage with number of tags come out, of course, at which point this will be a much better card. But for now, this is primarily a card for cash-rich Psychographics decks.
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The problem with SEA is no matter how much you pay runner gets one tag he can always remove next turn. And 2 clicks are often not enough to make full use of this tag.

With this guy you're dependent on runner stealing your agenda - much less reliable. But here runner cannot choose not to pay, unless he wants to keep the tags till the end of game.

I faced trace 15 with this. I could spend 11 and still get 4 tags and zeroed account.
I chose 15 tags, and then got hit with Closed Accounts

You cant do that with SEA source.

I agree that TAG punishing is quite limited, but Psychographics with this can win games - scoring overscored Baele or 5/3 form hand - huge.

SE plays also like runner keeping TAGs forever - its relatively easy to be safe from SE for 1 turn, being safe from SE and deprived of resources whole game long is a different matter.

IMO its not better, its not worse, its completely different approach to TAGing runner on a completely different scale.
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The benefit of this card is that allows you to get multiple tags on a runner, which is generally unexpected and not something that the runner is geared-up to deal with.

Getting a single tag to stick is not often the problem - but either the runner Decoy's it away or they remove a tag during the turn they take a tag. But if you can hit them with multiples, like Breaking News/Big Brother, then the corp is much more likely to start their own turn with the runner tagged, which opens up opens for SE, Closed A/C's, Psychographics, etc.

It also opens up more mind-games as the runner now has to worry about whether they should steal that easily-accessed agenda or not, because they are risking heavy retribution.
I'm seeing it as a nice gambit card when coupled with Red Herrings to drain 5+1$ off the runner, the subsequent Midseason Replacements trace should yield some pretty spectacular results. At best, we're looking for up to close to two turns of runner just sitting there trying to unbug himself (depending on your respective finances). At this point, just do your worst. Scorching is legitimate, Closed Accounts and a couple of Big Brothers is just mean. You know your runner, you know how to accommodate him best.
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