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Type: Asset: Hostile
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 4
Ronin can be advanced.
If there are at least 4 advancement tokens on Ronin, it gains "[Click], [Trash]: Do 3 net damage."
Set: Future Proof Number: 112 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Adam S. Doyle
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Should have been one of the first Jinteki cards released in the cycle. If people had the time to get used to playing with/against this card maybe the public perception of Jinteki wouldn't be so bad.
I think my favorite aspect of this card is its potential for mind games. You can advance it two times and just leave it like that, and it will really mess with the runner's head. If it just sits there with two advancement tokens on it, it's clearlt! a Junebug, right?! Of course not! It's a Ronin, waiting to lop your head off >:D

And of course, since you'll presumably be running actual Junebugs as well, the runner will just have test their luck. Is it an agenda, or is it a Junebug, or is it a Ronin, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike?

This card, along with Hokusai Grid, has really stepped up my Jinteki game. You can build a Jinteki deck that doesn't necessarily need to flatline, but it definitely can if the runner doesn't proceed cautiously. I think the main problem is that people often think that flatlining is the way to win with Jinteki, but the thing is, net damage isn't just about the end game, it's about botching your opponent's plans! They will lose cards they had intended to use, decreasing their overall stability, and they will also lose precious time by having to constantly keep their hand size up!

Jinteki has a lot of pressure they can put on. The key is to find the balance. Go overboard on net damage cards, and you'll be a one trick pony... but if you can balance it along with a legitimate strategy for victory, you can dominate the opponent's mind like no other corporation can.
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You sir, know how to play Jinteki. I've been trying to explain to people Jinteki's not about flatlining for quite some time now, but many can't seem to let go of the "killer combo" mentality.

That said, what Jinteki needs most of all is some cheap ice with moderate stopping power, or late-game strong ice and a touch of econ. As for Ronin, it's wonderful - just the mere threat of it forces the runner to expose or run traps, even if they've been sitting on the table for quite some time.
I rarely play Jinteki, but the two people I play regularly do so almost exclusively. This card scares the living daylights out of me.

No more winning games by letting them do what they want while I strip mine R&D, it seems.
New to this game, but wouldn't it be better to just advance an agenda 4 times? Ronin takes 6 clicks and 4 credits, and it gives you 3 net damage in return. That doesn't seem like a good trade to me. What am I missing?

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