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Type: Program: Icebreaker - Killer - Cloud
Cost: 5 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 1
If you have at least 2 [Link], the memory cost of Creeper is 0, even if it is not installed.
2 [Credits]: Break sentry subroutine.
1 [Credits]: + strength.
"The itsy bitsy spider went up the data spout..." - Chaos Theory
Strength: 2
Set: Humanity's Shadow Number: 89 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: JuanManuel Tumburus
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I realize that Shapers aren't supposed to have good Killers, but this really could have been 1 cred cheaper.
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I realize that Shapers aren't supposed to have good Killers, but this really could have been 1 cred cheaper.

play with Kate and it is :) anyway I dont think its terrible, as far as killers go, its not the worst, and if you want to keep your influence for other more important things, well here you go.
Hardly a great Killer, but I don't think this card is so bad either. It's almost always more efficient than Pipeline if you're up against a single Sentry and don't have The Personal Touch or an Ice Carver out. The Cloud effect is just icing on the cake, albeit icing that I suspect will only taste better as Shapers get more utility programs like the upcoming Paricia.
With E3 implants (which I was playing in my Shaper deck anyway because of all the HB in my local meta) this card goes from "not terrible" to "almost as good as Ninja"... I like it.
It's not amazing, but in my opinion it's better than Pipeline.
I think this card is better than some people expect. Now it's only good in Shaper, but it can be very good in shaper. In vacuum it might not seem that great, but this card doesn't exist in a vacuum.
Having 2 cloud programs is much better than having just one, because your getting extra benefit for the same investment (Underworld contacts giving you even greater payout). It you already have reason to get to link 2, then the ability has no 'cost'.
Second, E3 makes this card better against the only cards it has trouble vs. With E3 out Creeper is just as good or better than Ninja against every sentry but Rototurret and Sherlock (and only cost 1 more for those).

With this Shaper doesn't have to spend any influence to have a decent (if not the best) breaker package, which will be really important when Kit comes out.

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