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Quality Time

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Quality Time

Quality Time

Type: Event
Cost: 3
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 1
Draw 5 cards.
Set: Humanity's Shadow Number: 087 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Erfan Fajar
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Am I the only one that thinks this is over priced?

If you assume 1 card = 1 click = 1 credit, and you use Diesel as a base:

(1 click to draw) + (1 click to play) + 0 credit cost gets you 3 cards from diesel. So 1 card is the reward.

FYI, you look at Easy Mark it is similar: (1 click to draw) + (1 click to play) + 0 credit cost gets you 3 credits

So use this as a base to look at this card.
(1 click to draw) + (1 click to play) + 3 credit cost should get you 6 cards right? With only 5 cards, seems to me you are missing the 1 card as a reward?
It's only overpriced when you think that having three cards in hand is the same value as having five.
Five protects you from scorched earth, three does not. Which would you prefer to have as the last card in hand and on your last click?

Also, the 1 influence cost is what makes it attractive for decks that would like some draw, but not at 6 INF for diesel.

It wouldn't hurt if it costed 2, I guess, but my point is that your assumption are incorrect, you're missing the subtle point that cards in hand
have some value, but and the amount of cards and faction influence also have value, especially when other runner factions come a little short handed when it comes to draw.
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DubiousYak: no one should be using 1 click per 1 credits. Shapers can get as much as 2 or more per click, thanks to Magnum Opus and Aesop. In fact, if you use this card, you should be able to draw plenty of credit gaining cards that average at least 1.5 creds per click.
May 01 2013 11:05 PM
Card/Credit/Click equivalency is fun for analysis, but it overlooks the idea of liquidity. Cards like this and Diesel and Easy Mark and Liberated Accounts do contribute to accelerating your resources, but more than that they give you the resources you want when you want. Spectre alluded to this idea. If you have plenty of clicks but need credits, Sure Gamble or Armitage gets you where you want to be. If you have credits but need cards, you have this or Diesel.
I agree with satoshi - the value of this card is that Shapers have strong credit-gain already, so exchanging credits for cards is strong for them, even if it is at one-to-one.
May 15 2013 04:53 AM

If you assume 1 card = 1 click = 1 credit

If you assume that, then Biotic Labor should give you 3 clicks and cost 0.
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Most creds aren't gained through the 1 click per click method, that's usually a last resort. In actuality, it's closer to 2 creds per click (1.5 from Easy Mark, 2 from Magnum/Sure Gamble, Variable from Kati Jones, and 1.99 or something from armitage, etc). From this basis:
Diesel costs 1 click + 1 click, which makes it cost 4 creds for 3 cards.
Quality Time costs 1 click + 1 click + 3 creds which makes it cost 7 creds for 5 cards.
Diesel costs 1.333 per card.
Quality Time costs 1.2 per card.

You can make numbers say anything you want if you make assumptions. It all depends on the deck.

...and 1.99 or something from armitage, etc).

Actually, Armitage isn't nearly that efficient. It takes 9 clicks (1 to draw, 1 to play, 1 from the cost, 6 more clicks to use) and gives 12 credits, which comes out to 1.33 credits per click. Or you can say 8 clicks for 11 credits, which is 1.375 credits per click.
The only benefit I can see to this one over Diesel is to prepare yourself for a run against Jinteki or HB Brain Damage.

The only benefit I can see to this one over Diesel is to prepare yourself for a run against Jinteki or HB Brain Damage.

The five card burst helps set up combos with modded and personal workshop, and let's you make more intelligent decisions because you see a larger portion of your deck. Some advantages over diesel, and some disadvantages. This is how a well-designed card game is: there are different choices to do the same thing, and all the choices are not strictly better or worse than the others.

Re: DubiousYak, you're looking at that slightly backwards.


Quality Time isn't overpriced, Diesel is undercosted. (Strictly speaking)


What I mean is that 5 for 5 is a fair trade whereas 2 for 3 is a beneficial trade to you.


And as others said, Influence is a concern. You can either spend more influence for a strictly better reward clickwise but at a higher oppurtunity cost of other OOF cards OR you could spend the cheaper, less effective in a strict sense card and improve your options for other OOF cards.


It took me a long time to realize that this card was good.

It translates two CE and three credits into five cards. So you're not gaining anything, it's like playing Infiltration for the money or Modded for 1.


Most of all, it was so nerfed from original Netrunner's equivalent, Bodyweight Synthetic Blood, which is a 2-cost event that draws five -- i.e. one cheaper than this. It's Diesel equivalent is exactly the same, so why was this nerfed, I thought.


It's just a money-into-card translation with no gain.


People pointed out that it is worth it once you get going with money events. Draw into a bunch of Sure Gambles and you can translate some of that money into more cards and keep the wheels spinning. Sure. So I put some in my deck, reluctantly.

And didn't really play it correctly -- even though I was aware of the money event spinning, I was so reluctant to play it. It was in my deck, and I played it occasionally, as a kind of "draw Tutor".

But now I've started playing it a lot and it's been winning me games. If I'm mindful of the money threshholds and have lots and lots of econ in the deck, this and diesels are game winners.

Playing a bunch of card draw events and money events is the O:NR way of playing and it's fun. You see a lot of your rig quickly and you get credits to play it.

 I hate the flavor of the card, though. The guy looks super dorky at his rig.

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