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Type: ICE: Code Gate - Tracer
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 2
Salvage can be advanced only while rezzed and gains "[Subroutine] Trace2 - If successful, give the Runner 1 tag." for each advancement token on it.
Strength: 0
Set: Humanity's Shadow Number: 098 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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Wow this... I've tried defending Tyrant but this... wow.
Yeah... Yog.0 in play? Worthless. Have 2 link? Worthless after the first advancement and pretty poor with just one.
Nice flavour, still it's "one of those cards" for Weyland.
To add insult to injury, the trace is pitifully small and Yog still runs through it at no effort.
Hopefully we won't get more.
I thought Woodcutter and Tyrant could have just been poorly thought out oddities, but after Salvage, I'm convinced - we'll be seeing some sort of card that synergizes with this ice. Maybe an operation that lets you rez and advance a piece of ice X times, or an upgrade that lets you pay to advance ice every time the runner approaches it.

Still, this card is pretty terrible... but I can see one use. If the runner has 0-1 link and is counting on getting through this with Yog.0, you might be able to spring a Corporate Troubleshooter on them and hit them with a boatload of tags. (Or you can try that same combination with Woodcutter and win the game, though I think the runner is less likely to get careless around something that can inflict damage and costs credits to break.)
I for one am hoping for an upgrade that gives target ice an additional +1 strength for each advancement counter on it when activated.

I've often thought about how to "break" all these useless ice.Technically, there are quite a few pieces are there, Industrial Zone, Shipment from Kaguya, Trick of Light, Chum, Corporate Troubleshooter, Commercialization. Nothing fancy, but at least it's not Tag'n'Bag.
If it could be advanced while unrezzed it might be worthy of 2 or 3 stars but this is just a pathetic piece of ice.
It's almost as if whoever is designing these terrible Weyland ICE is unaware of the existence of an Anarch runner faction. Did you just advance it six times? Parasite.

The only way this could possibly make sense is if there was some card in Future Proof that... I don't even know. Maybe an upgrade that gave ICE on that server +1 strength for every advance token.
Weyland cards in Future Proof will be Burke Bugs and Dedicated Response Team
@Wolfone88 - Yeah but it's not outside the realm of possibility that there will be a third Weyland card. Unlikely, but not impossible. And if not in FP, maybe they'll get something in their deluxe pack.
Why do Fantasy Flight bother to design cards that will never ever see play?

The only way this could possibly make sense is if there was some card in Future Proof that... I don't even know. Maybe an upgrade that gave ICE on that server +1 strength for every advance token.

That would be my guess. We've already seen one relatively powerful card - Commercialization - that synergizes well with advanceable ice, I think we'll see more.

Right now this card seems to have very little utility, other than perhaps in combination with Chum against a Runner who does not have a Parasite (or Mimic, or Yog.0) handy.
What's mimic to do with this card?
If they have any form of decoder, Salvage is still bad even with chum. And any code gate does as good or better than Salvage in the case with chum.

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