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Type: Event
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 1
Play only if you placed at least 1 virus counter on a program this turn.
Place 2 virus counters on that program.
Set: Humanity's Shadow Number: 081 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Andrew Mar
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It's pretty obvious which deck this card is perfect for.

Quickly trash the offending ICE with parasite? Done.
Devastating 1-turn demolition run with Medium or Nerve Agent? Done.
Want to get more much out of Imp? Done.
And if the corp forfeits the next turn updating their virus database, so much the better.
Thank you, to who ever named and wrote the flavor text of this card.
They should have left that last line of text in non-italics. Would have made for livelier tournaments!
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A great card for virus-heavy Anarch decks, but as someone who primarily plays Shaper, what I'm really looking forward to is using this with cards like Chakana and Deep Thought. Assuming Deep Thought works like the Netrunner card of the same name... one run on R&D to lock it down until the corp forfeits a turn to purge virus counters? Yes please.
May 01 2013 10:54 PM
The return rate on this is actually pretty decent, two virus counters on top of what you're already adding. A Parasite could kill an Archer, Heimdall or Hadrian's Wall in one turn.

I think what I'd really end using this for, though, is Crypsis.
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And suddenly Crypsis is playable again.

I think what I'd really end using this for, though, is Crypsis.

To me, it seems best used with stuff that makes it more complicated (or impossible) to put more virus counters on them. So, Medium and Nerve agent are my top picks here, with Imp being a close second (although that could get tricky, timing-wise).

And suddenly Crypsis is playable again.

Are you serious? Crypsis is arguably the best icebreaker in the game.
Also, Surge is a waste on Crypsis.
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Medium and Nerve Agent can already gain a virus token with a single click, with the bonus of having exposed cards. Parasite already works best with Data Sucker, so again, unlikely to need additional virus tokens. That means that this card is most likely to see play on Imp and Crypsis in my opinion.
May 03 2013 05:00 PM
I will yell "SURGE" everytime when I play it :D
And you immediately win the game if you pop open a can while playing this card.
This will be awesome if you have Grimoire in play. Drop a Medium or Nerve Agent, then Surge on it, then run to see 4 cards. Then, if you can afford the click and the money to break the ICE again, run again for 5.

Are you serious? Crypsis is arguably the best icebreaker in the game.
Also, Surge is a waste on Crypsis.

Crypsis isn't terrible but it's expensive to drop and requires constant maintenance to use, surge saves a click you'd have to waste putting another virus counter on it.
Surge is a waste on Crypsis. You can put the counters on it by yourself, without paying any credits. For Medium you'd have to run through R&D several times and it helpss trashing ice a couple of turns earlier than the corp expected.
I wouldn't use it with Imp either, because it'll get wiped instantly, but at least your are wastng a turn of the corp.

Also, Crypsis is really awesome. It's rarely the most efficient icebreaker for a specific ice, but often times close second.
Generally Surge would be a waste on Crypsis, but if you're one click short of being able to Crypsis your way to a point 7 score it would certainly be a useful thing to have.
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Those times won't be too often as you first have to click to put a virus on it, then surge it, you now have 2 clicks left and 3 virus tokens. If you needed the 3 tokens, say for 3 ice, then this will work out as surge works then like a savings account (you spent a click to draw it last turn, and this turn you get to cash in that extra click in the form of an extra virus counter). Certainly not useless, but probably not the primary way you will want to use surge. Parasite to scrap a toll booth two turns early sounds tasty but a pumped medium with a surprise 4 card dig sounds like the most devastating use to me...
This card should probably never see play on Imp because you can only use Imp once per turn and Imp is so powerful that if it gets beefed up it will be purged. Hypothetical play:

- Runner plays Imp (two counters)
- Runner plays Surge on Imp (four counters)
- Runner runs (and Imps something; three counters)
- Runner does something else

As a Corp, an Imp with three counters on it is almost an automatic purge. Any other virus counters I take with it is just gravy.

I say save your Surge for Parasite or Crypsis, which would be really, really great if it weren't for having to prime it, and which Surge helps hugely with.

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