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E3 Feedback Implants

E3 Feedback Implants

E3 Feedback Implants

Type: Hardware: Mod
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
Whenever you break a subroutine on a piece of ice, you may pay 1 [Credits] to break 1 additional subroutine on that ice.
Set: Trace Amount Number: 024 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mauricio Herrera
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This card screws with Weyland and HB, no one else really cares that much, and now Weyland can trash it if they really want.
... why would weyland care about it?

E3 feedback implants can trigger of braeking bioroid ice by spending click and of itself (ie. after you break one routine you can keep breaking new ones paying 1 for each of them).
source: http://www.cardgamed...__20#entry17726
Oh man - this bends HB ICE over a log. My HB decks are going away for a while.
^ Theres no reason for that, almost no deck will be running this card.
Feb 04 2013 09:11 PM
Can you break multiple routines with E3 or does 1 'additional' mean that you are limited to that one? Also, if you can only break one, then if you had additional E3's out could you then break another routine using that other E3?
I think it can trigger upon itself. You break one subrutine and trigger E3 Feedback Implants and brake a seccond subrutine, then you have broken a subrunte and the ability can be used again. There is no limit on how many times you can do this. Accept that it is seldom so good as it seams. In a criminal deck the break-ability on the icebreakers are usalt 2 credits and with this you can save 1 credit, or running against HB you can save you're clicks.

A card that is very dependant on what icebreakers you are using.

I think it can trigger upon itself.

It can trigger itself, we have been told this by Lukas. It is also posted in this very thread in post 3 by Zephyr. I am really not sure why this was asked when it was already answered previously.
I think this card has only two use cases:
  • Running against Bioroid ice and using a click to break the first subroutine (SR) and then bits for the rests
  • Running against any ice where your installed icebreaker (IB) for that type costs more than 1 bit per SR
Either way, the benefits are small as I think the worse IB cost is 2 bits per SR and you can hardly assume you'll always be playing against Haas.
This with Wyrm, anybody?

This with Wyrm, anybody?

Still have to break one routine for 3 creds. Wyrm shouldn't be used as a breaker.
HB is so big in the local meta (I think over half the people in our league are playing it) that I finally broke down and put this in my Shaper deck. My friend has been using it in hers, and it just wrecks my HB so hard. Against anyone not running this, HB is easily the strongest faction (about to get stronger with that box coming out, I'm sure) so there's really no reason not to toss at least 1 or 2 of these in any deck, unless your local meta is different.
I don't care too much about them. I don' run many Bioroids and I usually stack them so the runner basically has to waste his whole turn plus 6 credits getting through that server. Sure it's annoying but it's not a gamebreaker.
This card should be called "Time Is Money".

This card extends Overmind's shelf life.

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This card extends Overmind's shelf life.

D4v1d's too.

Oct 13 2014 08:43 PM

E3 is also nice for breakers that cost 2 creds/sub. Darwin & Knight both like it. In general E3 does something non corp-dependent for any Anarch who's chosen to go beyond the fixed breakers suite (Quetzal is obviously a big fan, as Meadbeard notes on her thread). In faction it combos with grappling hook to break any multi-sub ICE and it upgrades Aurora and Peacock from 'unusable' to 'bad'. It could also, in theory, reduce the cost of using breach (letting you break a barrier with exactly 4 subs for 1 less). If anyone runs across that situation, let me know.


On top of that Cerberus breakers are coming out soon. They break 2 subs for a power counter, so they won't want E3 that often, but they'll be glad of it sometimes.

Overmind, D4v1d and Wyrm are mentioned above (although I agree with ParadoX that paying to break with Wyrm is an act of desperation). For the sake of completeness, the other breakers that could (theoretically) benefit are Battering Ram, Creeper, Force of Nature and Leviathan.

In the case of Leviathan, you need to be breaking a a code gate with four or more subs for E3 to help. There are two ways this could happen: 1/ You are breaking an Ireress and the corp has four or more BadPub. 2/ You have used paintbrush or tinkering in order to use Leviathan on something like Hive or Komainu. If either of these situations occur in your game, may I be the first to say 'God Help You'.

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Jan 06 2016 08:17 PM

Let's say the runner is about to break a subroutine on Heimdall 1.0 by spending a click. I rez Tyr's Hand and prevent that. Am I correct in my assumption that the condition to use E3 is therefore prevented and he can't use it without breaking a subroutine for real?

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