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Fetal AI

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Fetal AI

Fetal AI

Type: Agenda: Ambush
Advancement Cost: 5
Faction: Corp Jinteki
If Fetal AI is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
When the Runner accesses Fetal AI, do 2 net damage. Ignore this ability if the Runner accesses Fetal AI from Archives.
As an additional cost to steal Fetal AI, the Runner must pay 2 [Credits]
Agenda Points: 2
Set: Trace Amount Number: 032 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Eko Putish
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Awesome interaction with the Personal Evolution ID - but otherwise I'm not a fan. It's 5 for 2, with no scoring benefit for the Corp. - only minor scoring detriments for the runner.
I like it if you are going for a deck heavy traps and other cards that flatline the runner. I see it as a trap that you can score if the runner doesn't bite. You load up the server with net damage cards like neural katana and such and then just keep advancing. If the runner bites, you can win or at least completely ruin his tempo while only losing two points. If he/she doesn't, just score the thing.
I'm a big fan of this card. It's not good if you're trying to do any type of rapid advancement, but it's excellent having a trap like this that can be scored if desired. I'm currently playing a very trap-heavy Jinteki build, and this does wonders, especially with a bit of delayed scoring. I've had runners panic because seeing five advancement tokens still sitting on the card is a frightening prospect if they're looking at Project Junebug.

One of my favourite moments was when a runner decided that this must be the game-winning agenda, and with only two advancement tokens on it, he knew he wouldn't die if it was Project Junebug. He used all of his credits bypassing my ICE, only to be left with a single credit. When he accessed the card, he took the 2 net damage and couldn't even afford to steal it. To add insult to injury, I was able to score the agenda on the next turn, haha.
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Mar 13 2013 12:34 AM
Having a few of these in your deck makes the runners think twice about running at R&D and HQ without a full hand. Especially if you're running the Personal Evolution Identity. The big advantage of this card is it's ability to deal damage without being installed... something that Junebug, and Edge of the World can't do. If I've got multiple agenda's in my hand... this one is the one I'll hold on to.

Edit: Previously I had stated that Snare couldn't do damage without being installed, this has been amended.
Snare (core) can and often is not installed to protect HQ and RnD, but i agree this one is quite irritating for runner - especially as snare costs corp 4 cash, and this one forces runner to pay even if corp doesn't have a single credit (downside is "losing" 2 agenda points).
Even from archives it still drains 2 credits when runner steals it (no dmg, else it would be OP).
But on the other hand it's a nightmare to score. 5 advancements for 2 points.
When fighting against Personal evolution remember that paying additional costs isn't mandatory, so you can choose not to steal it if you know you'll end up flatlined if you get this 1 dmg. (but letting it go after getting 2 dmg is quite bad, as you'll probably access it again in the future)
Mar 13 2013 10:38 AM

[an="core"]isn't mandatory, so you can choose not to steal it if you know you'll end up flatlined if you get this 1 dmg. (but letting it go after getting 2 dmg is quite bad, as you'll probably access it again in the future)

I was under the impression that the net-damage happen regardless of wether you steal it or not as you have still accessed it. You can´t avoid the damage simply by not paying the extra steal cost of 2 credits.
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You get 2 dmg no matter what, but Jinteki ID Personal Evolution gives you one extra dmg when you steal agenda, and here you can choose not to steal it.
If you have 2 cards in hand and would die stealing this you can choose not to pay 2 then you will not get this one extra.
(not very usefull, but might save some runners life if he risks running against Jinteki with 2 cards, or runs with Makers Eye and gets Snare! and this guy)
Mar 13 2013 05:38 PM
I'm currently running three of these with the Jinteki: Replicating Perfection Identity (and three snares). I find that the identity tends to cause the runner to focus on my core servers and makes me spread my ice thinner. Having six trap cards that can take effect from R&D and HQ keeps them on their toes, gives the runner a more than 10% chance of taking net damage just from accessing R&D (assuming I have 4 creds) and even worse from my hand since I make sure to hold onto my traps.

I almost never try to score this card, usually I've got more agenda's in hand than I can protect in remote servers, since they make up 1/5 of my deck. This card makes the choice of which agenda's to advance, and which to hold on to easier.
This is my favourite agenda in the game right now. I also hardly ever try to score this card. I just keep this one in my hand and wait for them to steal it while I concentrate on other agendas. With Jinteki (Personal Evolution) this is 3 net damage + 1 credit, setting the runner back a full turn to recover.
If the runner is using a criminal deck with Gabriel Santiago, does he gain the 2 credits for the successful run in time to use buying this agenda up? Or do the gained credits go to him after the run is over?
The run is successful before you are accessing cards, so you get to use the credits.
Will the two damage (and/or PE damage) flatline you if this steal is for game point?
The Fetal AI damage: Yes
The PE damage: No

really love this agenda

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