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Liberated Account

Liberated Account

Liberated Account

Type: Resource
Cost: 6
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 2
Place 16 [Credits] from the bank on Liberated Account when it is installed. When there are no credits left on Liberated Account, trash it.
[Click]: Take 4 [Credits] from Liberated Account.
Set: Trace Amount Number: 022 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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This card is the stone cold nuts for Anarch, anyone who say different has never played this game and should be disregarded.
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At what point would you want to spend 6 on anything but running or installing a virus then running or installing a cheap breaker then running? With Noise I find it difficult to not focus on pressuring the corp by constant runs and virus installs. Other than getting this card straight after playing a Sure Gamble I feel it would deter me from my "game" too much.

I'll definitely try it out tho, it can't be THAT bad. I just keep thinking of it as 1 click to draw, 1 click to install, 6 cost = 6 clicks, 4 clicks to get the 16 credits. By this account you've spent 12 clicks to get it and I just can't help but feel its not a good investment. Will see after some testing tho!
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Jan 10 2013 07:09 PM

By this account you've spent 12 clicks to get it and I just can't help but feel its not a good investment.

I disagree with the credits = click mentality.
Regardless even with your math it buys you a whole new turn. Isn't that worth it?

I just love the idea of having no credits and being able to drop morningstar in the same turn without having to do a bank job.
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It's a luxurious card that's for sure. Something to install and have hanging around to collect when you have nothing better to do. I see your argument Tomatello, except for 1 click to draw. You have to draw your cash cards sometime.
Well i think it has crazy potential in Criminal decks. I often find myself having lods of cash at the start but as the corp gets his deff up i cant get enough creds to continue to be a threat - this would be perfect to instal at early game and consume later.
I've been playing exclusively anarch and have swapped out sure gambles for other econ options, spending some influence on bank jobs. This might be worth splashing or lacing two in as a combo with a successful bankjob. What a gamemaker would that be!?

The point is it needs to tail a credit kick to get out and armitage codebusting would still take too many turns to save up the 6 including draws. My only hesitation to run this or two of these is what happens if it eats up a slot in your opening hand? Quite a sacrafice to put up early instead of getting your virus factory going or early HQ/R+D probes.
Feb 02 2013 09:38 PM
In terms of credit:click efficiency, this beats Armitage Codebusting up through spending 3 clicks on credits to install it. If you don't spend any clicks on credits for install you're looking at 2:1 credits:click (10 net credits over a total of 5 clicks including install), while AC is 1.57:1 (11 net credits over 7 clicks). Spending 3 clicks for 3 credits lowers LA to 1.63:1 (13 net credits over 8 clicks). Beyond that, AC gets the nod. It's probably a good idea to augment this card with more accessible credit generators like Easy Mark to lessen the number of clicks you're spending to install this.

Also you can't pawn this, so I guess that's one more credit in favor of AC if you're running that.

edit: I mean you can, at the expense of a credit.

edit2: I somehow didn't register that pawning saves you a click. So still losing a credit, but with much better click efficiency, if you have nothing else to pawn.
I was thinking about puting this card in my criminal money deck and then relized that it woundn´t be a good choice. This card really is only good if you have a lot of money, but why not run then?

You need 6 credits at the start of the turn to play this card and then if you take two actions getting money from it you could start a run with 8 on your last click. If you can afford not to run you could get 12 to use the next turn, but who doesn´t run at least once a turn if he´s not desperate.

Playing after a bank job it would net 4/2 credits out of that combo instead of the 10 (7+3 if you run aesop´s)/8. Considering the future money this would be an ok trade, but it would cost me 6 influence I could use more efficient.

I come to the conclusion that it wouldn´t make any sence to splash it in criminal.
Fun fact - trashing it with pawnshop doesnt lose you credits - for no action you get 3, so it's better than spending action to get 4 :P (or at least equaly good unless you want to pawnshop something else)

I think Anarch needed some economy boost and this card is ok, nice ROI if you need a ton of cash, but it does require significant investment of both time and money, so its not really that good (but mid-late game spening a turn to get more cash oftem mkes more sense than running some crapy server and wasting cash, also if you want to play more expensive cards like Morning Star it might help you) Criminal tends to get cash from other sources and Shaper has opus, so I dont see much point in splashing it in other faction unless your deck idea really needs this kind of boost.
Well just yesterday I played Chaos Theory (shaper) with three 'test runs' one 'magnus opus' and two 'liberated account'.

And it went quite well. In my starting hand was the liberated account and a test run. As corp (Haas) was not generating enough credits I took the first round to play the test run, pick and install Magnus opus and took 4 cred with its ability then running at the unprotected R&D.

Next round I drew magnus opus, installed liberated account and magnus opus and made another run...

I had no problems with funding from that point on. I think I#ll leave that combo in the deck...
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Once you have Magnum Opus (MO) installed, there's no longer any reason to use Liberated Accounts (LA). LA is at best as efficient as MO. If you have LA in a deck with MO, and you manage to install the MO before you bother to install LA, LA is just an extra HP in your hand. Spending the five clicks to install and use it four times to get 10 credits rather than using MO five times to get 10 credits just seems silly.

That said, if you have a pawn shop, and you aren't counting the draw click you spent to get LA into your hand, using the LA gives you 9 credits for 4 clicks, which is slightly better than MO.

Of course, if you have a deck that can reliably get MO out and down before you draw LA, don't put LA in your deck. You don't need it.

LA does have advantages over MO. MO takes three clicks to pay back the cost of having used it and it eats up 2 MUs. LA takes two clicks to pay back the cost of having played it and costs 0 MUs. But, if MO is already installed and your deck is geared toward using MO so you've already handled the MU cost, then both of those benefits vanish.
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In my starting hand was the liberated account and a test run. As corp (Haas) was not generating enough credits I took the first round to play the test run, pick and install Magnus opus and took 4 cred with its ability then running at the unprotected R&D.

So you spent 3 clicks for 4 credits, and wind up with Test Run in your Heap & your draw slowed down by the Opus on top of your deck. Wouldn't you rather have just drawn a Sure Gamble in your first hand and gotten the 4cr for 1 click? The combo would have much more value later in the game when you don't have enough credits for a Sure Gamble, but even then, we're talking 3 clicks to get 1 more credit than an Easy Mark, and only if you can still spare the 2mu for your Opus.

Edit: Actually, I guess having the Opus on top of your stack is pretty nice... I do have to agree with nyren that I don't know why you'd want LA at that point.

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