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Type: Event: Run - Sabotage
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 2
Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards you may pay X [Credits] to force the Corp to lose up to X [Credits], then take 1 tag.
Set: Trace Amount Number: 021 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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Hmmm. Even cost 0 is too much.
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Jan 11 2013 07:46 AM
I actually see this card working well in conjunction with account siphon if you don't mind soaking up the tags.

It's a great way to kick the corp while their down. I'm not sure anarch has the economy for it, although it is certainly their playstyle so it definitely fits into their faction.
The flavor text pretty much sums up this card.
Jan 23 2013 01:40 AM
When I first read it I thought it was great, Then I learned how to read and wondered "What I was thinking?"
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Jan 24 2013 06:33 PM
If only it wasn't instead of accessing but rather 'in addition to'
Mar 13 2013 07:11 AM
Card is severely underrated. It cripples a corp's economy, and having Magnum Opus out just lets you regain everything you lost very quickly. Taking a tag is a little annoying, but it makes sense thematically and helps to balance the card.
account siphon (core) is the reason it's underrated
compared to siphon this card is not that scary
(but untill i faced Shaper with this I'd also say it cant work :P but double influence makes a difference for shaper)
The 2 rating seems ridiculous considering how many decks are running this. It's extremely strong in control decks.
Seems to be risky as because 1 you don't access cards, and 2 you still spend credits/clicks to get past Ice, I mean it seems like it'll in the end do more damage to you with its end cost than to the Corp. Unless the corp is short on cash.
It takes a lot of experience to understand what this card really does and how to work with it, that's for sure.
Jul 01 2013 09:46 AM

It takes a lot of experience to understand what this card really does and how to work with it, that's for sure.

Not that you´re going to hint at it other than a mysterious insider kinda attitude? ;)
I think you actually need experience, not easy hints.
This does drain both players so you need to know when is the spot where draining both sides is really important and worth it for runner.
Easy tip is get a load of cash - corp cant do that with current pool, when you drain him he will take some time to recover.
But its more complex in real game.
Zephyr: Care to give a good example of a Vamp moment in one of your games?
After two Account Syphons bringing corp from 30 to 0 credits. (I got 5 tags)
(But HQ didn't have too much ICE in that game)

I didn't play that much with it, i sometimes started with a Sure gamble -> vamp, corp needs much cash early, but syphon is much better for this. I felt like i'm not sure its worth it or not.

I think if you have much cash advantage draining corp is also good even if you pay more, but it depends on ICE already REZzed, do you have emergency shutdown to follow up, etc.
Vamp is great in any occasion you can bring the corp to zero (even by bringing yourself to zero) AND there is some advantage you can gain by knocking down the corp (Unrezzed ICE on remotes, Unrezzed ice on R&D and you have medium)

OR when you cannot/don't want to run R&D but the corp has enough credits to fast advance any agenda it draws.
One of the stealth champions of Netrunner.

Its easy to see why this card is disliked. Account Siphon lets you pay zero in order to drain 5 creds from the corp and gain 10 yourself. A swing of 15 creds, 11 if you pay to get rid of tags immediately after. With Vamp, at *best* you are looking at a 0 swing as you pay money to make the corp lose money, with -2 if you get rid of the tag afterwards.

But this card isn't an economy card. Its a denial card at its finest. We've all played against Weyland Scorch decks, both sides building ridiculous amounts of money as the Runner tries to keep from getting the kill shot. Haas Bioroid protecting thier hand and hoarding biotic labors while thier scoring remote is 3 ice deep, all face down. Even NBN where they're sitting on a midseasons, waiting for you to take the bait of their open 1 point agenda.

What Vamp does is it lets you capitalize on an economic advantage. In a single turn you can reduce the corp to *nothing*, regardless of how much money they had at the start. And once that happens, you can run anywhere you want for free. That face down remote? Childs play to access. Those scorched earths in hand? Unable to hit you if they can't afford them. Without money the corp cannot defend itself, and the runner doesn't need cash in order to run on servers with no rezzed ice to protect them.
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Is the 'pay x' feature considered a cost for cards that generate a recurring credit towards the cost of an Event or the cost of a Run card?

Is the 'pay x' feature considered a cost for cards that generate a recurring credit towards the cost of an Event or the cost of a Run card?


No. Things like Prepaid Voice Pad and Public Terminal use recurring credits to play the event. Resolving the effects of an event is separate from "playing" an event (paying its play cost), as per page 15 of the Rulebook, under "Playing Events."

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