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Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

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Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together

Type: Identity: Megacorp
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
All bioroid ice has +1 strength.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: What Lies Ahead Number: 010 Quantity: 3
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No decks currently use this card.
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Tough call between this and the original. An extra credit each turn is pretty nice, and bioroids can be clicked past, but the flat +1 is pretty nice.... Hard choice at the moment, but I see this only getting better as cards come out.
Still not convinced... I'd say its use is premature, meaning we better wait until there's more Bioroid ICEs to fully take advantage of this identity.
Am I the only one to think that adding three of these to a datapack is ridiculous and a waste of 2 cards? (same goes for all identities, I guess). Why not put in three single identities and use the remaining six to add two new cards three each?
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Dec 14 2012 12:41 AM
It has to do with printing sheets and how they are cut. It's easier and cheaper to just give us three.
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It has to do with printing sheets and how they are cut. It's easier and cheaper to just give us three.

Exactly! and with seven factions how do you account for the one copy of the 7th faction and fill out that pack ?

Print runs need to be done in a certain consistent way. I used to work in a large printing factory that printed tickets for everything from airlines to major sporting events so I am familiar with the requirements.
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In core they somehow managed to print and pack singles :unsure: but with smaller packs it might be technically more difficult and less cheap.
Print sheets (at least for the data packs) are 60 cards. A full pack is printed on one sheet with no extra room. If they only provided you with 1 of the identities it would not mean that you would get extra other cards instead. They could do it for the core because they didn't have to worry about giving you a playset of each card there.
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I don't know ANYTHING about printing, so I'll assume you're all right and that it's technically impossible (or at least financially undesirable). This changes nothing about my feelings though. I still feel like I'm actually only getting 56 (potentially) useful cards in this pack and possibly/likely future packs as well.

Oh well, having said all that I'll quit complaining now and buy the pack anyway, because I love the game too much...

Still not convinced... I'd say its use is premature, meaning we better wait until there's more Bioroid ICEs to fully take advantage of this identity.

I agree. I think that when compared to Engineering the Future, this card is severely lacking. However, as more Bioroids come out with better abilities, this card will gain value, whereas the old one will always be the same. That said, Engineering the Future is pretty amazing.

Sidenote, didn't know this forum existed until just now, quickly made an account, and I like this place already!
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Agree with others here - HB Engineering the Future is such a strong Corp card that this one will probably never see play.
I think it might see play after Creation and Control - now there are too few bioroids and they can all be clicked through relatively easily. And most importantly - they're too expensive for what you get.
See all bioroid list:
Victor - ok'ish, but its only 2 clicks to get through; this +1 does make it harder for yog so all in all nice, but its the only one
Ichi - good, but most of the time you're gonna click through both trash program and just take trace anyway, so this +1 strength is not important
4 is good enough strength, it might help sometimes but it doesn't really matter
Sherlock - too expensive for its effect, +1 str doesn't help at all, 2 clicks to get through
Heimdal - 8 cost, and can be broken naked for 3 clicks... and when you break with icebreaker +1 will be at most 1 credit more... whatever
Janus - 15 cost, +1 doesn't matter, you don't want to break this using icebreaker anyway, and if for some reason breaking him makes sense +1 strength doesn't matter; you don't want to REZ Janus without some trick as well so his use is quite limited...

If Creation and Control introduces cheap bioroids and 2.0 versions that wont be that easy to click through this ID could get much better. With current card pool it makes no sense. Especially as the Core one is pure gold.
I think this ID will never see much play. Cheap bioroids are not going to have a lot of subroutines so they can be clicked easily. And i don't think the 2.0 versions will matter much either, because in most cases it it is just one more credit to break. It gets better when you throw a whole bunch of bioroids in your deck, which you don't want because E3 will make you sad.

The core ID is just superior. Deal with it :P
+1 str on barriers and code gates is just trading econ 1v1 with the runner (versus the other ID), and for sentries is 2v1 or 3v1 at worst, which still isn't fantastic since runner econ is easy to recover in most cases. The only real benefit from this ID would be against fixed str icebreakers, which isn't really a good enough reason to use it, especially when you toss E3 into the equation.
Oh the 2.0 Bioroids are going to be completely different, for example Ichi 2.0 cannot be completely broken with clicks unless you somehow have 5 of them.
Stronger Together IS quite good, the real problem is that Engineering the Future is way better.
2.0 bioroids deal with E3 - you can start breaking only one bioroid 2.0 with clicks, unless you get another click per turn, so you can't get E3 Started.
And getting one credit more per break and trouble for fixed price is quite nice with cheap ice. Its not nice with expensive ICE where it doesnt matter and REZing said ICE is so expensive with corps economy problems and ES/FO. If there are cheap bioroids suddenly this passive might matter as it will affect runner each time he tries to break one of many ICE he needs to break.

Or not... we'll see... current card pool is just so bad for this ID it makes no sense at all, and this will probably change. Also with better econ cards for corp ICE str might be more important than a few creds.

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