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Chairman Hiro

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Chairman Hiro

Chairman Hiro

Type: Asset: Executive
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 5
The Runner's maximum hand size is reduced by 2.
If Chairman Hiro is trashed while being accessed, add him to the Runner's score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points.
Set: Honor and Profit Number: 008 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Gong Studios
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I hear a lot of debate on this card, whether the risk of 2 points is worth the advantage. I think people are thinking of this the wrong way. Everyone agrees that NAPD contract is amazing because of the 4 cost associated with a steal. This is an NAPD contract that costs SIX to steal, and gives on a benefit when played immediately (rather than after scoring). Sure, the downside is that you cannot score Hiro for the corp side, but a jinteki that plays this card isn't trying to win by scoring anyway. A rezzed Hiro in a server creates a target that MUST be run to ensure the runner's safety- and taking on a fortified remote THEN paying the trash cost, all with two less cards in your hand, makes for a VERY large and dangerous tax on the runner.
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Playing with the first Jinteki ID (PE) and this card is trashed by the runner, my question is: does the runner suffer 1 net damage or not? I guess the runner does not, but I wanna be pretty sure about it.

Without doing any research, my first impression is that the runner does indeed take the net damage. Based on the card text "add him to the runner's score area as an agenda..." since at this time it is considered to be an agenda, the PE would fire. Due to PE being "any time an agenda is scored or stolen"

In that case I see this card more playable in that identity. I had the doubt because steal and trash is not the same exactly.

But he isn't stolen, he is added, so the wording might mean that it doesn't work.

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To steal an agenda, one must add it while it is being accessed (Rulebook, page 31). Chairman Hiro is added "as an agenda" after it has been trashed. The rulebook makes a distinction between "trash" and "steal" under its definition for "Accessing," (page 30: the runner can "trash or steal"). Since, in order to add it, Chairman Hiro must be trashed while being accessed, it is not stolen (the runner can do one or the other).


Jinteki PE triggers on the agenda being stolen (by the Runner) or scored (by the Corp), so cannot trigger once Chariman Hiro is trashed as a result of being accessed.


Self-destruct does a nice job keeping Chairman Hiro out of the Runner's reach, however (since it's not being accessed when the Corp trashes it), and does the net damage Jinteki PE likes, to boot.

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Mar 15 2016 07:58 AM
I'm wanting to run this in Palana Foods with the Agroplex. Y'know those cards you just drew? Bin em. I think a Corp mill deck is / will be viable soon.

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