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Full Immersion RecStudio

Full Immersion RecStudio

Full Immersion RecStudio

Type: Asset: Facility
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 4
Full Immersion RecStudio can host up to 2 assets and/or agendas.
The trash cost of Full Immersion RecStudio is increased by 3 for each card hosted on it.

The costumes aren't strictly necessary, but they improve the performances of the vactors and sensie stars.
Trash: 3
Set: Fear the Masses Number: 108 Quantity:
Illustrator: Maciej Rebisz
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Jun 13 2016 04:33 PM

Interesting. You can "protect" Agendas with advanceable Ambushes or Snares. Or you put two Ambushes at once in there. The runner does not want to run into Junebugs or Snares, so you bluff him and install two Agendas instead.


I like mindgame cards like this.

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Jun 13 2016 04:40 PM

As Python said. Also, just the ability to set up a super server in NBN and go horizontal / deep is a reversal of the ubiquitous NEH vertical style which I personally am tired of.

Namatoki Plaza, I've been looking for you!

So some clarification on this card just to be sure:



I assume it can only host a total of 2 assets, it can't host 2 assets, and then also 2 agendas?



When the runner accesses this card, do they access everything hosted on this card as well? Meaning agendas and traps? I assume this is part of the purpose, but what access rules makes this happen?

So some clarification on this card just to be sure:


1. FIRecS (I will shorten the name) can host a total of two cards, which can be one of these combinations - two agendas, an agenda and an asset, two assets. If you want to install a third card, you have to trash one of the cards (as if you were installing in an occupied server).


2. The Runner accesses everything in the remote server, no matter the state, and he can choose the order of access - meaning that he can first access the hosted cards, and then access FIRecS(if you want to trash it, this is the way, because after you have accessed/trashed cards that are hosted the trash cost of this asset will be reduced), or he can first access FIRrecS and trash it, but then the cards hosted will directly go to the Archives.


Note that given the above, if you host two assets with 0 trash cost on the FIRecS and the Runner knows that (and wishes to access them), he can trash the whole composition for only 3 credits.


This card can be a real beast in a glacier server, if the Runner can't afford to pay 6 credits after passing all ice. Then you can safely host an agenda, and even if it gets stolen, the trash cost of the Studio will drop to 6 - if it is not trashed, the Runner must access the second hosted card, which can be any trap you want. Given the above this card would have been really awesome in Gagarin, but it is 4 influence - another wasted opportunity (and it could have been Alliance...).

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