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The Black File

The Black File

The Black File

Type: Resource: Virtual
Cost: 5
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 4
The Corp cannot win the game unless the Runner is flatlined.
When your turn begins, place 1 power counter on The Black File. When there are 3 or more power counters on The Black File, remove it from the game.
Limit 1 per deck.

Set: Fear the Masses Number: 99 Quantity:
Illustrator: Seage
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No decks currently use this card.
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Jun 13 2016 05:01 PM

Hmm. I like the flavor and distinctiveness of this card. Very "fun" card. Not sure if competitive however; I can imagine the clutch play leading to an upset. But seems more reliable to just build to win outright vs take cards that are only playable in a fail state. I give it 10 points for style, though.

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Just curious, how this would interact with Dr. Lovegood? In theory, infinite restricted win condition for the corp?

Jun 13 2016 06:47 PM

Just curious, how this would interact with Dr. Lovegood? In theory, infinite restricted win condition for the corp?


Dr. Lovegood deactivates the "cannot win" part, too.

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Dr. Lovegood deactivates the "cannot win" part, too.

But wouldn't that part be active again when it's the corp turn?

I mean, usually the corp cannot score agendas on the runner's turn, the most probable win condition for the corp on the runner's turn is to flatline you anyway, so... You're essentially not losing much by blanking the win condition on your turn.

The corp can just score up to 7 Agenda Points at any time, and win as soon as The Black File goes away.

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Jun 13 2016 08:54 PM

Possibly coupled with Career Fair, I can see this as a legit way of delaying an inevitable loss and possibly turning the tides. Unlike Political Graffiti, this card is quite effective.

Buys time for an off-axis Criminal-Turntable strategy.


The janktastic version would use this, Turntable, Aesop's, and Deja Vu ... overlap multiples etc.


With only Turntable, however, this can still swing close games: 3 turns is an eternity.


I'm not saying I'd play it, but it is playable and does make a difference. How often does the game swing on a single turn?




Works only on Programs or Hardware and Black File is a Resource. If you want to keep it up, your best bet is to trash it with Aesop's at the start of the 3rd turn and then Deja Vu it back from the Heap. Or you can Levy it back and search for it with Artist Colony, or you can Trope it back. Still it is a lot of work, but might be an interesting deck idea to see.

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