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Dedication Ceremony

Dedication Ceremony

Dedication Ceremony

Type: Operation
Cost: 1
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 3
Place 3 advancement tokens on a faceup card. You cannot score that card until your next turn begins.
"Never cut the ribbon until you have something to show off." -Eta Shah, VP Global Expansion
Set: Kala Ghoda Number: 17 Quantity:
Illustrator: Odera Igbokwe
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Jan 25 2016 07:53 PM

Click 1: install GRNDL Refinery, Click 2&3 advance. If it survives, you can rez it next turn, play two times Dedication Ceremony and gain 32 credits for your third click.


32 credits... how about rezzing 3 Hadrian's Walls?


Or you have a rezzed, unadvanced Shadow and the runner installs Mimic. Pump it up to strength 4 with 1 click and 1 credit. Seems fair.

Oh, the irony. This card enables some (un)real jank that is so non-thematic. Here, check this out:


Go with Titan for the extra influence and score a Hostile Takeover - shouldn't be too hard, happening all the time. Protect HQ and make a decent (depending on the match-up) scoring server, 2 ice is sufficient. Now you just need to find Power Shutdown, Accelerated Diagnostics and either Fast Track or Government Takeover. When you are done trash your RnD, leaving 2-4 cards (just in case you don't mill yourself), then trigger the Accelerated Diagnostics into Casting Call for GT, into another AD into 2 or 3 Dedication Ceremeonies (total of approx. 6 credits). Now you have GT ready to be scored next turn, essentially winning you the game. The Runner has but one turn to enter that remote. Back up the deck with some Scorched Earths/SeaSource to have a second win condition that combos well with Power Shutdown/AD. Also consider Cerebral Static or Noise will trash you (literally) in that turn.


Otherwise this card is a match made in heaven for Ronin, Contract Killer, Reversed Accounts, Expose and even some Trick of Light combos, depending on what deck you are running.

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Feb 06 2016 05:05 PM

I don't like the art, but as a die hard Weyland fan I certainly appreciate the power up. I just wish this card had been a little more timely; it really should have been in the previous cycle to complement the face up agendas when they were introduced.

May 24 2016 09:39 AM

it works very well with Hollywood Renovation .... 

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