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Jeeves Model Bioroids

Jeeves Model Bioroids

Jeeves Model Bioroids

Type: Asset: Alliance
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 3
This card costs 0 influence if you have 6 or more non-alliance Haas-Bioroid cards in your deck.
The first time you spend 3 [Click] on the same action each turn, gain [Click] .

“Very good, sir.”
Trash: 5
Set: Salsette Island Number: 67 Quantity:
Illustrator: Stéphane Gantiez
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No decks currently use this card.
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Apr 21 2016 11:49 PM

Looks powerful to me. Some ideas:


Install-advance-advance Mandatory Upgrades/Vanity Project, advance-advance-advance-advance-score in the next turn.


Play 2/4 Agendas in never-advance decks.


Use Melange Mining Corp/Eliza's Toybox and then do something, like installing a card or playing a Hedge Fund.

So purge viruses and do something. Very potential card.

May 20 2016 03:51 PM

Does it have to be the exact same action three times or does this still trigger after click-abilities of different cards? Like Jackson, Jackson, Private Contracts for instance.

Another thing: Can i combine a double operation with a regular one to get the forth click?

I believe this only works with single actions that cost 3 clicks, not using three clicks to do the same action 3 times.


So, that would be Melange, Purging Virus Counters, Domestic Sleepers, Eliza's Toybox, etc.

From FAQ 3.1:


67 Jeeves Model Bioroids
• Playing a double operation and then playing a regular operation,
spending three clicks for Melange Mining Corp., as well as clicking
for three credits are each considered spending three clicks on the
same action. Additional [ costs are still costs to trigger an ability.


So, "same" action is considered action that bears the same common type - playing operations, installing, advancing, etc. Paid abilities however should have the same origin, i.e. card.

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