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Glenn Station

Glenn Station

Glenn Station

Type: Agenda: Expansion
Advancement Cost: 4
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Glenn Station can host a single card.
[Click] : Host a card from HQ facedown on Glenn Station.
[Click] : Add a card on Glenn Station to HQ.
Agenda Points: 2
Set: Order and Chaos Number: 5 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Dawn Carlos
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Feb 05 2015 04:42 PM

Fantastic if your HQ is Agenda flooded. Simply put one of them into safety. Or there's another Card in HQ which you need later on but have no use for at the Moment. Put it there until its time has come.

Feb 05 2015 08:45 PM

Such an odd card. Great effect; basically removes cards from the game. But the click efficiency is poor.


Might be interesting in a tag and bag deck to just bleed off agendas, putting them in an unstealable place while you improve your board position / assemble a kill combo / wait for the runner to make a mistake. But since the Corp ultimately loses if decked kind of a risky strategy.


Works ok with other 4/2's. You could host a 4/2 on Glenn, then later once a scoring server is solid click to fetch it back, click to install, click to advance, score next turn.


I don't know. Interesting card, but kind of intrinisically janky IMO.

What happens to the card (agenda or other) if Glenn Station is switched using Turntable? Does it stay in there?


And what happens to the card if Glenn Station is forfeited? Does it go to the archives or into somekind card-limbo?

Agendas in the Runner's score area are blank and hosted cards fall off only when a card is trashed, so that agenda is going to stay on Glenn Station, effectively putting it out of the game, unless the Runner decides to Turntable again.


If you forfeit it the card that was hosted should go to Archives - the same idea as if you manage to trash a loaded Film Critic.

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