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Jemison Astronautics

Jemison Astronautics

Jemison Astronautics

Type: Identity: Corporation
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Whenever you forfeit an agenda, place 1 advancement token on a card and 1 additional token for each agenda point the agenda was worth.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: Daedalus Complex Number: 16 Quantity:
Illustrator: Emilio Rodriguez
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No decks currently use this card.
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Looks like this has some crazy possibilities. The obvious one is the ability to safely 'trade' low value agendas for high ones, but that requires a good mix of different value agendas and therefore a higher number of agendas in the deck.

You would want agendas with 'When scored' effects since you will only be keeping the high point agendas around, so 24/7 News Cycle is doubly useful here. You'll also need cards which forfeit agendas like Archer or Corporate Town, but won't always be guaranteed a good agenda (or any agenda at all) to throw away, so Eliza's Toybox is also probably a good card to import as well.

But if the identity works right, you can dedicate your ICE to central and Asset defense and score 3 pointers out of hand. Obviously Clot is a big problem for this play style, so Cyberdex Virus Suite is also a good idea.


Huh, didn't mean to start building a deck when I began this comment.

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Apr 08 2017 11:47 AM

Actaeon made a pretty good analysis already. This is definitely one of the most interesting IDs ever printed!


Here's a funny idea:


1. Score a 2 or 3-point agenda.

2. Install Quarantine System (Daedalus Complex #17) in a remote server.

3. Install+advance+advance a Project Junebug in your scoring server.


If the runner falls for it: right before he accesses, use Quarantine System to forfeit the 2/3-point agenda and put 3/4 advancement tokens on Junebug. The runner then takes 10 or 12 net damage.

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