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Type: Asset
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 1
Cards cannot leave the Runner’s heap for any reason.
Officially, there is no blacklist. That would be illegal. Unofficially, there is a list, and being on it can ruin a career.
Trash: 3
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 36 Quantity:
Illustrator: Matthew Szydlik
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Apr 23 2015 11:07 PM

No recursion possible. Wow.

No recursion possible. Wow.


Until you pay 3 to trash it, but it looks darn good in Jinteki (IG or RP).

Apr 24 2015 09:29 AM

Exile is currently sat on his little bench, crying his eyes out.

So, they are still trying to avoid the parasite recurssion? This card is good but Exile really stands by his name in the meta as I see it after this. Why don't they try to introduce corp cards that prevent card hosting on ice or program installation during a run but try to prevent the multiple copies of one specific card? Please, share your thoughts.

Apr 27 2015 07:20 PM

We all joke about Exile being extra-screwed by anti-recursion cards, and it's funny because it's true. MaxX is also in that boat too.


However, in reality recursion is easily abused by all runners, particularly Shapers. And it's not just Parasites that get extra strong via recursion.


It's a balancing act; they print cards that are strong, they are even stronger with recursion, they print cards to hate on that a bit.


Compared to Chronos Protocol, I don't think this one is that big of a deal; at least it can be turned off via trashing. A well timed CP on the other hand can come out of nowhere and wreck a recursion deck and there's nothing you can do about it when it triggers. And even with that kind of paradigm shifting power, CP hasn't been that big of a deal overall.


Really, I don't think it's the recursion hosers that make Exile sad. Exile is sad because his ability just isn't that strong to begin with and also there aren't quite enough cards in the card pool to fully enable it. If he was viable to begin with, he'd be able to overcome hosers. Case in point, Noise. His ability is so strong, that even after Jackson Howard crapped all over his original game plan, with some new cards and revised tactics he's back again. If FFG printed, say, two more reasonably costed cards that triggered Exiles ability and also contributed something towards a win strategy of some sort, Exile might finally arrive on the scene, but even without the hoser cards in the meta he still isn't good as things currently stand.


I'm sad about that; I want to like Exile. I identify with him. If he were more solid, I'd play him a lot. The same is true of the Professor. And really all the B and C list runners. I wish they were all A list. But that isn't how the world works, even the fictional world found within Netrunner.

OK, I've been working this into my Industrial Genomics deck, and it is well and truly terrifying.


MaXx? Good luck.


Parasite Recursion? Forget about it.


Cheating the big breakers out with Test Run / Scavenge? Nope.


Clone Chip? Worthless.


Same Old Thing? Nothing.


Oh, you're going to trash it with an Imp? That's a Cyberdex Virus Suite I just rezzed on 4.3.


Singularity? Say hello to my Interns: they work for less than clones ;)


Absolutely terrifying in IG, unless your opponent isn't doing recursion . . . then it's just another face-down card in Archives, making everything 1 credit more expensive to trash.


Loving it.


Postscript: so, this is what I'm finding in IG -- certain cards, like this or Cyberdex V.S. -- are either very powerful (if they are playing against the right opponent), or simply useful discards (when playing an opponent who doesn't care about their effects . . . non-recursion; no viruses, etc.). It's a hugely flexible ID, and I'm finding myself using cards I thought were marginal. What I choose to discard face-down into Archives changes according to my opponent.

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