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Type: Hardware: Console
Cost: 4
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 2
+ [1 MU]
The first time you play an event each turn, you may play another event (without spending a click) after the first one resolves.
Limit 1
console per player.
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 27 Quantity:
Illustrator: Del Borovic
Recent Decks Using This Card:
Universal Scholar
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Apr 23 2015 11:10 PM

Yeah... because event based decks weren't popular enough already.

How does that work with double events?

How does that work with double events?


Looks like this will save you the first click, but you'd still spend the additional click . . . or any other additional cost.

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If you install that with Modded, does it trigger right away?

Apr 27 2015 10:27 AM

If you install that with Modded, does it trigger right away?

Hmm..  I'd err on the side of it not working as Comet won't have been in play when you played Modded.  


But there's an argument to be made that Comet would be in play by the time Modded has finished resolving.  I still think my gut feeling is correct though (so probably not!)

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Apr 27 2015 07:58 PM

Yeah. Good times. The main thing about maxing the usage of this is that you need both events to play in hand, and money to spend on it.


Prepaid Voicepad obviously pairs well with this, and every $$$ event. Lucky Find in particular as it mitigates the extra click. Game Day and Diesel are must haves, might even be worth splashing in I've Had Worse. Quality Time on the other hand...I think the cost would be prohibitive as it undercuts the precept of wanting money on hand to chain events. Maybe a one or two of.


Bottom line, this is a great console. Even in a deck that isn't built around it, we all play events and something as simple as a Sure Gamble into a Leg Work or Makers Eye on one click can really throw off a corporation's scoring window math.

I think my Ken deck is going to love this!!The question is: comet or desperado?

I think my Ken deck is going to love this!!The question is: comet or desperado?

For me it depends on how much influence I free up.


But I want comet for the following play: Beginning of turn: 0 credits.


Dirty laundry a remote (using pre-paid/public terminal) with Security testing into a dirty laundry (with one more recurring credit) then take of bank job. End click 1 with 20 credits.

May 08 2015 06:28 AM

I think my Ken deck is going to love this!!The question is: comet or desperado?


Generally speaking, almost certainly Desperado, which should give you a bigger benefit overall and also not eat up your influence.


In practice, it would depend on your specific deck and your run habits.


When I play Ken it isn't unusual for me to run all four clicks, and I am not incented to play more than 1 run event per turn unless it forwards my game plan because I only get the Ken $1 on the first one. Also, PPVP's get tapped. Thus it is more economical to pace my run events out and just click to run the rest of the time. 

Bottom line, Desperado generates a lot of $$$ over the course of the game if you are running a lot. 


If you are only running once per turn or less and always off of a run event, then Desperado would be less valuable and some other console might be better for you. 


When deciding however, recall that Desperado is borderline overpowered. It is probably the best console in the game, and one of the stronger cards in the game overall. So, it's hard to justify not playing it as a criminal unless some other console is integral to your deck's design in some way. IMO.

Comet is pretty great at compressing some of the combos you're already doing:


Emergency Shutdown + Forged Activation Orders = 1 click


Test Run + Scavenge = 1 click


Indexing + The Maker's Eye = 1 click




Sure, Comet saves you a click. More importantly, it opens up those combos on click 4 of your busy turns. That's much more momentous, and will pull you out of the fire when you needed to click to get 1 or 2 more credits to make it all work before throwing the initiative back to the Corp.


Goes somewhat bananas with things like Planned Assault, where you're getting 3 total events and digging one of them out of your deck.


Speaking of cards that play or install other cards (and thing that are bananas) with Hayley, Comet can chain 15-17 discrete things into a single click . . . the combo doesn't even much matter. Here's an example (again, the specificity doesn't matter: if it's not these cards, it's other cards. I keep having this sort of thing happen -- so often, in fact, that it doesn't even feel like they are "combos." I have hardware; I have events; I have Comet; I have Replicators; they keep working):


Board State: Comet and 2 Replicators are in play (Tyson Observatory is in play half the time too, because sometimes you have to go digging); Hayley is the ID with 6 credits


Hand: Modded; Mem Strips; Lockpick; Sure Gamble (or pick your own event and 2 hardware with Modded)


Play: [click] play Modded to install Mem Strips for free [trigger Replicators off Mem Strips]; search deck for 2 Mem Strips, reveal, and pull into hand [trigger Hayley off Mem Strips]; install Lockpick for -1 credit [trigger Replicators off Lockpick]; search deck for 2 Lockpicks, reveal, and pull into hand [trigger Comet off Modded]; play Sure Gamble for +4 credits.


What happened?


Well, first off, timing priority let me choose the order of resolution: I had a bunch of cards go into effect at once, so the order may matter in your specific situation. Be aware of that.


Other than that, about 15 things happened:


1 click installed 2 cards, drew 4 cards, played 2 events, and made 7 credits (4 for Sure Gamble; 3 virtual for Modded's discount).


Depending on your specific hand with Modded (or Career Fair, or Diesel, or Dirty Laundry . . . whatever) you might get 9 things done or 17 things done. The compression here is incredible, and notice that I made money on that one, netting 3 credits.


Obviously I'm not really getting 15 things done on just that one click: I had to get Comet on the table . . . maybe I had to use some clicks to go get the Replicators with Tyson, etc., but the point here is to look at the compression. In one recent pretty typical game, I had the following stats running the aforementioned cards in a deck:


Cards in hand per click: 2.69 (0.37 clicks per card in hand)


Cards played per click: 1.53 (0.65 clicks per card played)


Credits per click: 2.33 (0.45 clicks per credit)


Methodological Note: I always include the initial draw and 5 starting credits in the statistics. You get cards and money for zero clicks: good for you. Count them; they matter. Their statistical significance can be seen quite easily in the success of Andromeda.

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May 13 2015 06:26 AM

So, that monster turn of expansion is the result of Haley, Comet, Replicator, and misc cards to trigger each of them if possible. Tutors are enablers making it more likely to get the necessary pieces into play and also to ensure critical card advantage has been attained to sustain a desirable outcome to this sort of click expansion; Tyson and Planned Assault are just two very relevant tutors.


You didn't mention it, but it seems like Personal Workshop would be another key tool to potentially trigger some activity during the corporation turn as well. Other cards (hey, look, also mostly shaper cards) that allow during the corporation turn triggering also help maximize the click expansion.


Without a doubt, the deck expansion angle is legit. The real question that remains IMO is if it is tier 1 competitive or if it suffers from too much variance as combo decks are wont to do. I haven't seen much chatter about this kind of deck elsewhere, so I've gotten the impression that either the top competitive players have considered this style of deck and rejected it, or if it is still waiting for discovery to become a thing. Or, entirely possible, there is buzz gathering and I just haven't seen it yet.

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Yeah, Personal Workshop is awesome in that deck. All kinds of goofiness ensues. I tried it with The Supplier and with Career Fair in different iterations, but I keep coming back to PW.


It is very likely that the deck is not Tier-1 competitive. I'm a Johnny, not a Spike ;) I mean, I'm experimenting with Sage in this thing. It's the right deck for Sage: that may be damning.


The primary variance is how early I can run. Sometimes I'm dropping the entire rig on turn 2, and it'll take all comers on that day. Sometimes I'm doing some Shaper-quality navel gazing for a while . . .


But, here's the thing: the deck is very unforgiving: if you don't have your situation figured out (and it can get complex), your whole installation calculus can rapidly get pear-shaped. The good thing about that is you have control over the way you play. The bad thing is having to control for such human factors during testing, but this is always the problem with, as you would say, "jankiness."


Here's the good news: I'm serious when I say that it doesn't have the usual combo feel. Replicator is out early, every time, and then the deck just empties, with best pressure coming in the mid-game and later from Indexing/The Maker's Eye.


Econ is Modded, Sure Gamble, and Kati Jones, and Kati gives the econ her typical pulsing rhythm. Aesop's comes in to start dumping Tyson and Replicators when the time comes. Daily Casts is in and out of the deck.


Rig is Sage, Mimic, Overmind. Sage is surprisingly good and quick here, although I'm not fully convinced.


Replicator, Comet, E3, Personal Touch, Mem Strips, Plascrete; Lockpick goes in and out (it's not going to make the cut).


Tyson, Diesel, PW, Test Run keep things moving. SMC is in and out of the deck.


It may be the fastest hardware-heavy deck ever, but it still needs more speed. Some games, it's still "Netbuilder," not "Netrunner," but the compression is bananas (I'll just keep saying that). It's explosive, and it could do well with Stimhack or some sort of "explosion" module. Could be rebuilt going Resource heavy instead of Hardware, etc: there's really tons to explore, so perfect for a Johnny like me ;)

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Sep 01 2015 12:51 AM

How does Comet interact with Priority events? Let's say I play Social Engineering as my first click and utilize Comet to play a second Social Engineering. Does that work?

How does Comet interact with Priority events? Let's say I play Social Engineering as my first click and utilize Comet to play a second Social Engineering. Does that work?


"Play only as your first [Click]," i.e. you must click to use a Priority Event: it cannot be the result of another effect, even one that occurs during your first click.

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