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Hayley Kaplan

Hayley Kaplan

Hayley Kaplan

Type: Identity: G-mod
Base Link: 0
Faction: Runner Shaper
The first time you install a card each turn, you may install another card of the same type from your grip (paying its install cost).
Were such tiny parts of such an enormous universe. Some find that thought frightening, but I find it inspiring.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 25 Quantity:
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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No decks currently use this card.
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Intriguing: a "fast" Shaper (Hayley saves clicks), if the right decks are involved. Are those decks any good? That's difficult to assess.


Clearly Hayley wants a lot of cards in her grip, to maximize the click savings. Hayley also encourages Resource and Hardware installation, especially the cheap stuff. Certain non-breaker programs might suit her too.


She's an effect stacker: seems bananas with Replicator in a cheap hardware deck


She can build, and fast. Can she run?

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Apr 27 2015 08:35 PM

So, obviously Comet is intended to be her console. So, the intent isn't just that she installs a lot. The overarching intent is she gets pseudo clicks for repeated actions. This is basically a toned down version of The Collective. And, really, I think the combination of Halley and Comet is more flexible and therefore better, though obviously harder to optimize.


While it is possible to try to build around her identity ability, I think it might be better to just build a balanced runs-a-lot Shaper deck that just happens to sometimes be more efficient via stacked clicks. I'm inclined to attempt to use her ability as more of a wild card to lure the corporation into thinking they have a scoring window or are safe behind their tower of ice and then surprise them when I bust out 2 cards instead of 1 or 4 cards instead of 2 if Comet is available, and then run on their supposedly safe server.


Said another way, while its totally viable to flog her ability for rig building purposes, kind of like Kate but on amphetamines, I think the real power of Haley is in her ability to surprise the corporation at critical times by exploiting their typical expectations of what is possible within the confines of 4 clicks. The canny corporation player has to hedge their bets and play more conservatively against her or else risk being tripped up. It seems like many Jinteki decks in particular, who rely on click compression, will have a harder time dealing with her, and perhaps HB click tax decks as well.

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I'm very much inclined to agree, having had a few days to let Hayley settle.


She does make great use of Replicator, of Tyson Observatory, and of Comet (You go to the observatory to locate "Hayley's" Comet . . . you can't make this stuff up), and my initial concern was that she'd navel gaze and build, and build some more . . .


But Comet definitely switches that around a bit, and I'm more convinced that she can run a quick build in Phase 1 (using Replicator or not -- watch her go with SMC), then switch to some powerfully quick event stacking in Phase 2, whether those events be run events (for which Comet basically has a Doppelganger built in), huge burst econ, or whatever.


With Comet, she can just cruise doubles with an Adjusted Chronotype / Starlight Crusade combo -- Lucky Find starts crushing it.


Her ability to switch between rig building and event running (or econ bursting) is something that'll be fun to explore.


The thing we haven't talked about is what kind of rig she should run. I'm inclined toward the simple but powerful, using London Library, Test Run, Scavenge (The Library pulls it out of your hand, which Test Run can't do, although Test Run can put it in your hand, just not terribly efficiently . . . London Library almost wants Special Order).


Running an inflated hand, Hayley can handle hardware, resources, and events, and obviously Shaper has plenty of ways to tutor and cheat out the big breakers, but I'm undecided on how to go, except that I think she just wants 4 pieces . . . nothing elaborate, (like fixed breakers or stealth, since they need a fair amount of card support) because there's too much else happening here already.



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Apr 27 2015 09:21 PM

I'll have to sit down with the card box and build her to see, but running with my initial "SURPRISE!!!" idea, I think I'll start by trying to make the cheap trashable / counter based breakers work and then just add enough recursion to keep it going. The Scavenge deck sounds solid, but I already have a deck that does the Test Run Scavenge trick and I'm in the mood to try something new.

Apr 28 2015 07:12 PM

So This stacks with Personal Workshop too right? that card says you install the card. This Identity does not say from hand. How about self modifying code?

Can I install 2 programs mid run? either way It looks like she installs on the corp's turn sometimes. and that is crazy

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Can I install 2 programs mid run? either way It looks like she installs on the corp's turn sometimes. and that is crazy

How does she install on the corp's turn sometimes?

How does she install on the corp's turn sometimes?


By trashing an installed Self-Modifying Code during the Corp's turn. That would give her a double-install of a program, if she held a second of the same in her grip.


Situational, but possible.


Clone Chip can also pull this off, while Savoir-faire and Personal Workshop could do the double install during a run.


That means that Hayley could, if the stars align, spend a click to make a run, install 2 programs, then install 2 more during the Corp's turn. 1 click for a run and 4 program installs is pretty good efficiency.


Making that work in reality will take a bit of luck and some very specific deck construction.

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I just realized I've been reading Hayley's ability far too narrowly. I was reading "same type" of card as another copy of the same card. Runner card types are defined on page 10 of the Rulebook (identities, hardware, resources, programs, events).


Only hardware, resources, and programs can be installed, but that is much more flexible than I initially thought. (I realized my error when thinking of Oracle May, who also uses "type" as a limiter).

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