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Type: ICE: Code Gate
Cost: 4
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 3
Turing has +3 strength while protecting a remote server.
The Runner cannot use
AI programs to break subroutines on Turing.
[Subroutine] End the run unless the Runner spends [Click] [Click] [Click] .
Alan Turing laid the foundation for artificial intelligence by suggesting that you could teach a computer to be human.
Strength: 2
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 33 Quantity:
Illustrator: Adam S. Doyle
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Apr 23 2015 11:51 PM

I'd rather pay 1 more for Viktor 2.0.

Apr 27 2015 08:56 PM

Don't discount the value of the line "The Runner cannot use AI programs to break subroutines on Turing."


That alone demands a response from a subset of runner decks that will have to do something they'd rather not do to respond to this ice or else lose a turn getting through it. That, plus the fact that it is an HB card, home of the "lose all your clicks" family of ice, makes this a viable card.


Also, unlike the other specific server ice that really need to be played on their relevant servers to be worth anything, this one is just "a remote", so very easy to find a use for it. Plus you can still play it on a central if it seems prudent...against Eater perhaps; at the very least you'll pull out a Parasite and slow the runner down a bit, and if they can't find an answer for a few turns so much the better.



Personally, I like it.

    • Meadbeard and AdorablePython like this
Jun 06 2015 04:52 PM

Combines very well with Replicating Perfection, Enhanced Login Protocol, Strongbox or Ryon Knight.

    • Meadbeard likes this

Keeps Faust honest on your scoring remote. The decoder has to come out, and strength 5 is not a terrible place to be, although D4v1d is still happy.

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