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Type: Agenda: Sensie
Advancement Cost: 4
Faction: Corp NBN
If Explode-a-palooza is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
When the Runner accesses Explode-a-palooza, you may gain 5 [Credit] .

Its like Lethal Action 3, only with more explosions.
Agenda Points: 2
Set: Old Hollywood Number: 94 Quantity:
Illustrator: Mike Nesbitt
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Aug 07 2015 07:41 AM

Uh, no. Just no. Totally not worth the $5.


EDIT: one of my favorite Netrunner posters, willingdone, makes some compelling points about this card in his set review (  )


Basically, it's a good alternative to NAPD in butchershop style decks. Because of the extra cost of NAPD a runner can opt to not score the agenda, which is anti-synergistic with the Midseasons -> Scorched line of play. This card on the other hand does not have such an extra cost so the runner must score it. And the +5 credits helps pay for midseasons in the following turn. 


Secondarily, it might situationally be good in Harpsichord if the runner has already stolen an agenda previously in the same turn; the corp gets +$5 and the runner gets nothing.


So, I'm revising my initial "binder card" opinion to "viable in very specific decks". 

Explode-A-Palooza over Special Offer swings the corp-runner credit balance by 9 credits while opening up the runner to Midseasons (10 creds with Spark). I am starting to see some parallels between recent NBN cards that want the runner to run and steal and some classic Jinteki playstyles. I think you can make an NBN deck now in which every agenda punishes the runner or rewards the corp when a steal occurs.

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