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Film Critic

Film Critic

Film Critic

Type: Resource: Connection
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 1
Film Critic can host a single agenda.
Whenever you access an agenda, you may host that agenda on Film Critic (the agenda is no longer being accessed and is uninstalled).
[Click] , [Click] : Add an agenda hosted on Film Critic to your score area.

My gerbil could write a better screenplay.
Set: Old Hollywood Number: 86 Quantity:
Illustrator: Georgi Georgiev
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Yes, that is the idea behind the card - to shut down "if/when accessed/stolen" effects. I wouldn't be too gloomy for stealing 3/5 from good ol' Wayland and leaving his Current. He may keep it on the way home.

Jan 01 2016 10:40 PM

I wonder what happens to the hosted Agenda if Film Critic gets trashed. Is it put into the runner's heap and can be recurred via Deja Vu?


Edit: Should have read the first page more thoroughly. My bad.

Talk about a card that should be banned, I think Film Critic might be the card I hate the most in the entire game.  It totally invalidates Corp cards including entire identities that play off Agendas being stolen.  Some will say, "Well, that's why you need to pack your Resource hate, and then you need to pack your heap hate to make sure it doesn't get recurred."  Sorry, but I'm not a fan of forcing all Corp decks to start packing the same 4 or 5 standard-issue cards to counter a single over-powered problem like Film Critic, and I'm not a fan of a single Runner card sending entire Corp IDs to the garbage.  "Then you shouldn't play those IDs, Agendas, Operations, etc."  Sorry, but I'd like to be able play interesting cards like Personal Evolution, Hunter Seeker, Ikawah Project, and Quantum Predictive Model and still have a fighting chance.


Any number of adjustments could've fixed Film Critic: have it remove itself from the game, increase the cost to 10, make it Neutral with 5 influence, or just have it "steal" the hosted agenda, so you still deprive the Corp of the Agenda and can take it when you're ready, but you still suffer the effects of stealing it.  And if none of those things were going to happen, have the good sense to take chump cards like Obokata Protocol and Hunter Seeker off the Restricted List, and don't make Personal Evolution the Jinteki ID of Revised Core.  Rant over.

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