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Old Hollywood Grid

Old Hollywood Grid

Old Hollywood Grid

Type: Upgrade: Region
Cost: 5
Faction: Corp NBN
Faction Cost: 2
Agendas accessed from this server cannot be stolen unless the Runner already has a copy of that agenda in his or her score area. This applies even during the run on which the Runner trashes Old Hollywood Grid.
Limit 1
region per server.
Trash: 4
Set: Old Hollywood Number: 97 Quantity:
Illustrator: David Ogilvie
Recent Decks Using This Card:
No decks currently use this card.
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Film Critic does not care about Old Hollywood. Turntable interacts interestingly with it. Obviously great early to gain a little tempo for the Corp.

Aug 07 2015 07:59 AM

This is a good early game card, or if you put together a jank deck with singletons of every agenda. Cuz, why not?


I like that they are printing alternatives to SanSan. Unfortunately this card is pretty dead late game in most decks which makes it difficult to justify. Also $5 is a big tempo hit, and the scoring window it conditionally creates is short. You'd need $9+ credits and 6 clicks to score out a 4/2 over this. I'd rather run Biotic Labor or something.

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Just yesterday tried this one out against Gangsign + HQ interface -criminal. You should have seen his face, when I just before scoring my agenda, rezzed Old Hollywood Grid at HQ and he accessed two Explode-a-palooza, flooding my account with money! Then I did it again couple turns later, until he managed to ged rid of the grid (plus managing to hit again Explode-a-palooza's) and finally managed to snatch them off my hand. Incredible fun game for both of us, as runner was my economy!

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