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Vanity Project

Vanity Project

Vanity Project

Type: Agenda
Advancement Cost: 6
Faction: Corp Neutral

EXT. KANSAS - DAY DOROTHY (Miranda) gazes out at the horizon. A sudden gust of wind catches her hair. Above the windblasted prairie loom ominous STORM CLOUDS. DOROTHY: If only I wasnt in Kansas anymore. She begins to hum a haunting melody.
Agenda Points: 4
Set: Old Hollywood Number: 100 Quantity:
Illustrator: Ashley Witter
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Turntable awaits you, Tin Man.


Note faction cost.

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Aug 07 2015 08:15 AM

Another "avoid" card. 

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I actually like this, but only in Cerebral Imaging. Frees up deckslots, and you can score Efficiency Committee, Bifrost Array, this, instead of two Committees and a 5/3 or a Committee, two Bifrosts and a 5/3.

Is this really regarded as a two star card? Even with the influence cost, the ability to severely cut down your agenda density shouldn't be overlooked. I'm sure kill decks and Psychographics will find a place for this. And glacier as soon as the Faust madness dies down a bit.

It sees a lot of play in my local group. I steal it every time and win the game. The best I can say for it is that's a feature rather than a bug if you're running punitive counterstrikes.

Dec 21 2015 10:00 PM

I can imagine that this card is pretty bad. 6/4 is near impossible to score without an ice fort. Maybe three trick of light? Pysochographics?

Every card on it's own may be deemed bad: imagine if the regular credit amount for both sides was around 100 - would you still play Hedge Fund?


On Vanity Project - the idea here is all about agenda density and allows Wayland to run 5 agenda suite deck - a Government Takeover and 3 Vanity's, along with any other 2-pointer. With that composition in a 49 card deck the average agenda density drops to 10,2% (your average chance to access an agenda on a single-access RnD run) from the standard average of 18,4% (9 agendas). To crunch the numbers and get over with the math, if you play a hundred games against each deck, you will access an agenda once every 5-6 runs, while in the "compressed" deck is once every 10 runs.


On the other hand, the average deck requires 3 to 4 agendas to win the game as the Runner (especially with GFI), while the Vanity deck folds only after 2. However, it is much easier to hide let's say, 2 of 5 cards, leaving 3 in RnD while hiding 2 of 9 means there is still agenda every 6-7 runs on RnD.


The main issue here is that this agenda is hard to score - the only way you can make it reliably is via a Mushin-no-shin trickery. The main use for this card is Punitive along with News Team to offset the negative a bit. Too bad Film Critic is such a popular card.

This seems like could make trap assets (eg Junebug) more threatening. Normally no-one seems to bother advancing a Junebug more than twice, since it blows its cover - why would you advance an agenda three times when all the most expensive ones could be scored next turn from only a double advancement?


If you're running three of these, as well as the deck-thinning, suddenly those triple-advanced cards could put a lot of pressure on the runner.

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