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Marcus Batty

Marcus Batty

Marcus Batty

Type: Upgrade: Sysop - Psi
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 3
[Trash] : You and the Runner secretly spend 0 [Credit] , 1 [Credit] , or 2 [Credit] . Reveal spent credits. If you and the Runner spent a different number of credits, resolve 1 subroutine on a rezzed piece of ice protecting this server. Use this ability only during a run on this server.

Trash: 1
Set: The Underway Number: 74 Quantity:
Illustrator: Frederic Pinson
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Jun 29 2015 11:17 PM

Again, a new Psi Card. And a versatile one. Simply use it with ETR as a back-up for Caprice, if she failed her job. Or let the runner hate life, activating Cortex Lock or Neural Katana. Also, as he is a Sysop, Recruiting Trip will tutor him.

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Jun 30 2015 07:35 AM

Great Scott! Actually, though I like the personality of this card, it's just too weak to even consider playing, for me.

For me he looks quite amazing - install Neural Katana, Agenda, Marcus when on 6+ credits seems quite good to me in Jinteki PE. No Killer installed and you decided to check what this really is? Let's play a game, a Psi game.


Obviously this guy likes big subroutines and in HB can make dealing brain damage much easier - Viktor 1.0 and Ryan Knight alongside ELP (yes, I know, too many pieces, but most of them are quite decent on their own) and you might go home with two brain damage (even more possible with Defective Brainchips). Also, ends the run on those critical last agendas. But the key point for me is the look on the Runner face when I rez that NEXT Gold, he breaks it smirking only to be greeted by ol' Marcus for a little guessing game.


His only real downside is that he trashes himself (as all good mad scientists should eventually), but I don't want to imagine if he didn't.

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Jun 30 2015 01:33 PM
After something like Tsurugi which can strip the runners hand this can kill. Or fire off Architect?
Jul 04 2015 03:51 AM



$1 trash cost == porous R&D / HQ


This is intrinsically a "bad combo" card, as it has no effect on its own, only working in conjunction with some other card. Granted, ice are so common that the other half of the combo will theoretically be available almost always, but nevertheless the value of this card is entirely predicated on the strength of some other card's subroutine.


It only works on one server, and can only key off the subroutine of an ice on the same server. This is a very narrow effect.


It trashes itself, ie is only good for one use.


It fails to do anything at all 33% of the time.


I would mention the hidden cost to the corps of psi games, but that's more or less a wash due to the self trashing and $0 rez. On the plus side it might cost the runner up to $2 credits to play the game but that decision is in the hands of the runner and thus cannot be relied upon.


Simply running another piece of ice in the same card slot with the subroutine of your choice (and perhaps others too!) would be a better decision in practically all circumstances. The install cost for deeper ice is offset by the durability of ice (they generally do not self trash) and lack of trashability from R&D / HQ.

Testing him in my Harmony Medtech: An Offer You Can't Refuse-Allele Repression-Crick deck, which depends on Crick firing, no matter what.


So far, so good. Remember, you can just stack this guy up on a single server, unrezzed, then rez and trash 3 copies 3 times in a row during a crucial run, which lowers your miss to 1 in 27 on the psi bid. Reset him with Allele Repression.


EDIT: stacking multiples of this guy behind a single Neural Katana in your scoring server is a touch intimidating for the Runner too, if the Runner lives long enough to be intimidated.


Multiples. The theme here is multiples. Don't be fooled by the "unique" marker. Trashing this guy as part of the cost helps the Corp.


Using Allele Repression to get the trashed copies right back into HQ, then right back on the table might be just the kind of "all-out" repeatable psi bid Nisei Division has been looking for. Needs testing.

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