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Type: Hardware
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 2
[Click] : Host up to 3 cards from your grip facedown on Bookmark (you may look at these cards at any time).
[Click] or [Trash] : Add all cards on Bookmark to your grip.

Set: The Universe of Tomorrow Number: 106 Quantity:
Illustrator: Bruno Balixa
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Sep 01 2015 08:40 PM

Nice. Being able to draw cards like mad, without worrying about discarding or having a gigantic hand (Komainu/Sweeps Week). Safe those for later, when you need them. Only downside would be that it dies quickly to Power Grid Overload and Power Shutdown.

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There's some mid-run action with DaVinci here: trash this to add cards to hand mid-run; trash DaVinci to install one of them for free . . .


I don't love it, as it seems the usual Shaper "go a slowly as possible from A to B" kind of stuff. Cool in your head; crummy on the table.


As a reserve for your hand, it seems okay, but there just have to be better options (in terms of card slots) for getting it all done.

Sep 04 2015 05:39 PM

0 cost hardware...seems like we were recently talking about a runner strategy that wanted more of that.



Anyway, the card itself is pretty questionable in value on its own merits. It might have been of interest to Geist who likes trashing and also tends to overdraw, but at 2 influence...


Plus the antisynergy with typical shaper tutors that want a card to be in the deck or the trash, not in your grip or on the board.


I feel like there's something clever lurking with it, but it hasn't come to me yet. In the meantime I wont be using it.

Is bookmark limited to hosting 3 cards at any time, or is it unlimited with the ability to only add up to 3 cards per click? If unlimited, perhaps it could be useful for a super-powered Faust run.

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So, I'm guessing Endless Hunger would be able to trash these cards since they are technically installed?

So, I'm guessing Endless Hunger would be able to trash these cards since they are technically installed?


No, the FAQ states it quite clearly:


"The state of hosting is distinct (but not exclusive from) the state of installing. Most cards are hosted on another card when they are installed. If a card is hosted but not installed, the card is inactive."


So, if it doesn't says installed, those cards are only "hosted" (you may treat them as counters) and can be targeted by "do something with a hosted counter/card" effects.


The same case is with the Street Peddler, where the distinction between hosted and installed can be seen even in the card text itself.

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Is bookmark limited to hosting 3 cards at any time, or is it unlimited with the ability to only add up to 3 cards per click? If unlimited, perhaps it could be useful for a super-powered Faust run.


That's a good question, but even if it's limited to 3 (I'm playing it with a conservative interpretation that 3 is all it can get), Bookmark is very good with Faust. It's also quite good with DaVinci, I'm finding, for those times you draw a card early that you don't want to have sitting in your hand for 6 turns, and that you might want to install during the Corp's turn (Clot comes to mind).


With Bookmark, I can feed Faust irrespective of when my draw cards show up, often banking a big turn for a later run. I never sit on a Quality Time with this on the table, and I discard nothing.


Three things:


* I'm running it in Shaper, so influence doesn't matter.


* I almost always use the trash effect, rather than the click, to return the cards to hand.


* My grip doesn't get clogged with hard draw any more, and I can hold only the right cards for the current phase of the game in my hand.


It's also a pretty solid way to protect some of your late-game cards from damage effects in the early and middle game. With this, you have a "heap" that isn't subject to recursion restrictions, like Chronos or Blacklist. Sweeps Week, which people run because both NBN and Andromeda are a big deal, isn't much of a big deal to the Bookmark Runner.


I was down on this card early, but it is a real workhorse for me right now, at least in the right deck.

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Mar 12 2016 11:43 AM

I use it in a Chaos Theory deck.


Phase 1: Hyperdriver

Phase 2: Duggar's (draw 25% of your deck)

Phase 3: Deposit the cards on your Bookmarks

Phase 4: ???

Phase 5: Profit!

I'll give a quick rundown on the engine I outlined above, regarding a few key pieces:


Clot is sitting on Bookmark from some earlier turn. (2 other cards are on it too).


Sacrificial Construct is in play to protect Bookmark from Power Shutdown. S.C. is doing double duty, because when Clot gets on board, it'll prevent the purge trash and buy time.


DaVinci is in play and has at least 2 tokens on it.


Fast Advance Corp puts down an Agenda.


Trash Bookmark to get Clot into hand; trash DaVinci to install Clot.


Corp can't score this turn, but that Agenda is on the table: womp womp.


Draw cards to go along with those you pulled off of Bookmark and raid the remote with Faust on your turn. Laugh maniacally. (It is a very good idea to Bookmark a Diesel or a Quality Time with your Clot, because you will run hard on your turn -- I've beaten 6-deep Constellation-ICE scoring servers this way).


I'll point out that's just one option. Clot can be in your hand and DaVinci can do its work; it can be in the discard pile and you'll bring it in with Clone Chip; it can still be in the stack for SMC . . . a loaded Bookmark or two helps Faust when it comes to running, and Faust gets the hand back down to a manageable level.


That's working for me, and it's working in Shaper, my third-best Runner faction. It's also winning without credit denial or Keyholing, which is refreshing. It seems like a lot of pieces, but it's not -- Faust decks with Bookmark draw like mad.


I'm running it with Kate, not spending much money, and even using the old Shaper cloud breakers to protect Faust from Swordsman and guarantee remote access against Turing. Creeper's one job is to beat Swordsman, and it's just as good as a Shrike for that -- better when E3 is in play.


Edit: forgot to mention -- Bookmark is great for protecting certain useful cards when you play Levy. I have a couple of copies of Levy in the deck, and sometimes I'm dropping one on a half-deck -- nice not to reshuffle the Bookmark cards. That's an edge case, but useful in the right deck.

A single Bookmark can host an infinite number of cards simultaneously. It's not limited to 3.

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